Bet on the Top NFL Teams

Over the years, the NFL teams have developed this league into the nation’s most beloved sports to watch. The league consists of 32 teams and draws in, on average, the largest crowd of any other major league sport.

Be smart when betting

Like in any sporting league, ask any NFL fan and they will tell you that their team is the best. However, it’s safer to place your money on NFL teams that are considered the best based on their success on the field. Dream teams like the New England Patriots have both a history of victories and a devoted fanbase. They are 6x Super Bowl champions and have one of the largest fan followings.  

Pennsylvania (PA) locals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are also ranked as one of the best. The 7th oldest team in the NFL also has 6 Super Bowl victories under its belt and has a roster full of all-star talent. The fans, nicknamed the Steeler Nation, sold out 299 consecutive Steeler games, a more than impressive streak. 

Top Sites for Betting on Teams in Pennsylvania

Sports betting in PA is still in its infancy after only becoming legal and accessible to the state in October 2018. By summer 2019, online sportsbooks were launched. Since its inception, many casinos have been working hard to get a foot in the PA jurisdiction.  

With this new arena open in the market, many high-standard, competitive online casinos have begun operating straight out of PA. The top three online sportsbooks that are a must-try for Pennsylvania residents are: 


Fanduel offers a comprehensive sportsbook covering major and college league sports. The site also hosts niche categories and provides an enticing risk-free bet of up to $500. 


FoxBet has a lucrative new customer bonus of up to $1,000 for PA members. $500 of the offer is the first deposit match up bonus, and the other half is a risk-free bet. It also has a varied and lengthy list of sports coverage and vast betting markets.


The online sportsbook is quickly becoming known as one of the best US sportsbooks available to many states. Like FoxBet, you can snag a $500 match up bonus on your first deposit and a further $500 risk-free bet at DraftKings. 

Arriving on the scene to serve the state of Pennsylvania in December of 2019, the mobile sportsbook took a forward-thinking approach. It brought users advantageous betting features during the NFL season and ahead of the NBA season. On the DraftKings’ desktop site, mobile version, and app, you will find extensive coverage of all major league sports markets. Each state version is tailored to pay particular attention to the local teams.

Local Pennsylvania Teams

Within Pennsylvania, there are two NFL teams: the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams are highly successful with strong fan bases and consistently rank among the top teams within the league. Their rivalry is something the fans revel in and dates back to the teams’ establishment in 1933. 

The Philadelphia Eagles home turf is the Lincoln Financial Field. To date, they have brought home several NFL Championship awards and the 2017 Super Bowl championship title. They compete within the National Football Conferences’ (NFC) East division. Fans have sold out almost every one of their games since 1999.

The Pittsburgh Steelers play out of Heinz Field and are a part of the American Football conferences’ (AFC) North division. As previously mentioned, they hold six Super Bowl championship titles, with the latest being in 2008. The team also has several conference and division titles. In total, they have appeared in the playoffs an impressive 31 times out of their 86 years on the field. 

Current Team and Conference Structure in the NFL

The NFL conference structure seems complex, but once broken down, it’s easy to follow and understand. 

The 32 teams are split in half between two different conferences. One is the AFC, and the other is the NFC. 

The conferences are then further split into four “divisions” of North, South, East, and West. Every division contains 4 teams, and these teams meet twice a year to play one home game and one away game. 

The rest of the 16 game season is then made up of team schedules. The schedule is drawn up dependent on the team’s previous year performance and on a rotation basis. The rotation enables all teams to play each division set at least once every 3 or 4 years. 

The 2020 conference structure is as follows: 

Intra Conference Inter-Conference
AFC East vs. AFC West AFC vs. NFC West
AFC North vs. AFC SouthAFC vs. NFC East
NFC East vs. NFC West AFC vs. NFC North 
NFC North vs. NFC SouthAFC vs. NFC South 

Bet on the Playoffs : Where the Best Teams Meet

The 2020/21 playoffs will see 14 teams out of the 32 gain a spot in the playoffs after the regular season is over, instead of only 12. Seven teams from each conference will go head to head in a single-elimination tournament to determine the overall conference champion. The conference title holders will then compete for the Super Bowl trophy. This year, the Wildcards are extended to 3 teams. 

Playoff Brackets

The top team in each division will be automatically granted the top-seeded position and a home game. Then the next three teams below them will be seeded two through four. The remaining three teams will be classed as Wildcards and seeded five through seven. The order in which the teams are seeded depends on the regular season’s winning percentages.

Playoff Game Location Framework

The first week of the playoffs is dubbed the Wildcard week, and for underdog teams, this is their chance to prove themselves.

The top-seeded teams in each conference will receive a bye week and home field advantage for the rest of the playoffs. Teams seeded below will spend the week battling it out to make it to the Divisional round. The structure usually follows the highest-seeded vs. the lowest-seeded out of the remaining teams. For example, no.2 will host no.7, no.3 vs. no.6 on home turf, and no.4 will host no.5.  

The second week is the Divisional Round. Here the top-seeded teams out of the conferences will host the lowest-seeded team still standing from the Wildcard week. The other two winners of the Wildcard week will play against each other at the highest seeded teams home grounds. 

The two remaining teams from each conference will then meet at the Conference Championship games, hosted by the highest seeded team. By the end of these games, the AFC and the NFC will be left with a single winning team ready to throw down in a neutral site for the Super Bowl title. The location of the Super Bowl game is determined before the season begins.

Wildcards & Byes

The Wildcard teams are those ranked below the four division champions. Each of the conferences sends three Wildcards into the playoffs depending on the regular-season standings. Wildcard teams are just as the name suggests; they are full of surprises. 

During the Wildcard round, the top-seeded teams from each conference receive a bye week. A bye week means that they are scheduled not to play and will automatically move into the next round. 

NFL Team Performance

Over the years, the NFL teams have astounded crowds with their performances. Yet, like in any sport, there have been some equally embarrassing moments that fans will never forget. 

The NFL has birthed legends. The players often reach celebrity status for their work on and off of the field. There are many good reasons why some teams have been established for what will soon be a century. 

Pennsylvania team legacy and past performance

Football is by far the most beloved sport in PA. Western PA was home to some of the country’s oldest Football history. The Western Pennsylvania Professional Football Circuit was one of the earliest professional clubs. Plus, some of the first known pro players were PA-based. In 1902 three PA teams clubbed together to form the first attempt at a national football league. 

With a state so rich in football history, it’s no wonder that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles are so successful and popular. The Steelers’ fame has spread across the globe. The Eagles are lesser-known than the Steelers, but still hold a strong fan base across the states. 

PA has also played home to many other NFL football teams over the years. Today, the state is left with two of the best out of the entire league. 

As previously mentioned, the Eagles have many victories to boast about. The most recent win was in 2019 when they won the NFC East Division Championships, making it to the playoffs. The Eagles were cut short of their second Super Bowl victory when the Seahawks knocked them out of the running with a 17 – 9 win.  

The Steelers are the most successful out of the pair but have not appeared in the playoffs since 2017.  They won the AFC North Division Championships but lost out on the Super Bowl title against the Jaguars, despite gaining 545 yards of offense. They lost with a total of 42 – 45 in the Divisional round.  

Best teams in the NFL and past performance

When searching through the history books, it’s not hard to see that specific teams stand out as the best over others. These particular teams have both success on the field and a global fan base. 

The New England Patriots are arguably one of the best teams, making a total of 11 Super Bowl appearances since its titled inception in 1966. The team has won 6 out of those 11, with the latest win in 2018. 

PA’s very own Steelers tie the Patriots’ six wins and share eight appearances with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were founded in 1960 and racked up an impressive 33 playoff appearances and 5 Super Bowl titles. They are a powerhouse of a team that broke revenue records in 2014, generating $620 million. They are the most valuable team in NFL history, worth upwards of $5 billion. 

Notable Team Rivalries in the NFL

As with all competitive sports, rivalries have surfaced between state teams, conferences, and divisions. Some rivalries are born from one side dominating the other frequently, or simply because they share the same state lines. Others are created by events that don’t occur on the field.

Some of the rivalries in the NFL date back decades and have helped to build loyal fan bases, which in return builds through-the-gate revenue. There are too many rivalries to cover in the NFL. Below we have explored the most prominent and most prolonged standing. 

Teams Rivalry Reason Dating back to: 
Cowboys vs. Eagles
(High profile)
Often contest for the same division title. Head to head in the playoffs four times. 1980
Steelers vs. Eagles
Eagles lead series 48-28-3. However, the Steelers hold more Super Bowl titles. 1933
Giants vs. Redskins A long history behind the rivalry. They clashed in the ’80s for division titles and Super Bowl Championships. The Redskins dominate in the playoffs. 1932
Bears vs. Packers (Longest)League’s longest rivalry. Combined with 48 players in the hall of fame. Packers lead the series, dominating the Bears. The rivalry has spilled into other sports.1921
Panthers vs. BuccaneersBegan in 1995, but intensified when the teams moved into the same division. Panthers lead the series.1995

Notable NFL Players in Pennsylvania

The Steelers have a total of 25 players, and the Eagles have nine sitting among the greats in the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Both teams have had many star players over the years and are currently packed full of talent. The Eagles are now hitting the headlines for boasting an impressive starting roster. It’s reported to be far superior to the current Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

There are many noteworthy players from PA playing across the US. Currently, the notable players in PA to keep your eye on for the upcoming season include: 

Steelers quarterback – Ben Roethlisberger. After successful elbow surgery, ‘Big Ben’ is reportedly set to get back on the field. His 2019 season was cut short through injury. After such a historical 2018, fans are hopeful that he will be able to join the team in time to take them through to the playoffs. He is pushing retirement years, so fingers crossed he gets to go out with triumph.  

Eagles tackle – Andre Dillard. He was tasked with filling the shoes of a nine-time Super Bowl Champion and a veteran to the team. Dillard proved he had the gumption last season. He was a first-round pick in the 2018 draft and has played both left and right tackle for the Eagles. With more experience under his belt now, it’s predicted that 2020 will be his year to shine.

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