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Welcome to BetPhilly and the MLB betting guide. We dive in to everything you should know and think about when betting on MLB like betting lines and odds.

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More about PA MLB Betting

MLB Betting in Pennsylvania – Here are the best MLB betting sites

By now several years has passed since Pennsylvania let betting sites provide MLB betting online. Several sportsbooks compete about the players interest so there are many MLB promo codes and bonuses to take part of.

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When betting on baseball there are several factors that you should think about to choose the best MLB betting site for your style. We will guide you to the best MLB betting lines and picks so that you get all help you need to become successful.

For all Pennsylvania residents that like to bet on Philadelphia Phillies and other great teams, we recommend the following MLB betting sites:

  1. FanDuel Sportsbook
    FanDuel is our clear favorite for MLB betting. Mainly because they have a great offer of in-play betting, together with a huge variety of future bets and great live-betting.

  2. BetMGM Sportsbook
    In the BetMGM baseball section you can find some of the best traders today. Their betting lines are top of the business and they have great history with delivering good spreads for their players.

  3. BetRivers Sportsbook
    BetRivers is the sportsbook with a lot of extra value to their customers. They often offers special offers and promo codes where you can get bonuses on MLB matches for example.

Aside from the age restriction of 21 years or older, sports betting is completely legal in Pennsylvania. The state set a new record in January with over $600 million placed on bets, which generated $34 million in taxable revenue.

Types of MLB Betting Lines in Pennsylvania

MLB Main Betting Lines

MLB Money Line Betting

Money lines are very simple; you are just betting on a team to win. Odds will vary depending on how close the matchup is.

Example: Let’s say you wanted to bet on the Phillies (-150) against the Pirates (+130). In this case, a $150 bet on the Phillies would win $100, and a $100 bet on the Pirates would win $130.

MLB Run Total Over Under Betting 

The run total refers to the number of runs that the bookie expects to be scored. Sports bettors have the option to bet if the actual runs total will be “over” or “under” the bookmaker’s prediction.

Totals will range depending on the teams involved. The odds usually stay between -130 and +110.

MLB Run Line Betting

Run lines are similar to Puck Lines in hockey; the line is always set to 1.5. The favorite needs to win by at least 2 runs while the underdog can afford a 1 run loss and still win the bet.

The odds will vary based on the teams. For example, if the Phillies were -120 favorites on the money line, you could find them around +165 on the run line. If you wanted to bet on the Pirates at +175 on the money line, you could find them around -110 on the run line.

MLB First Five Innings Betting 

Gamblers can also bet on the first five innings of a game.

The 5 inning line lowers the run line from 1.5 to 0.5 adjusts the money line and over/under totals. MLB bettors like this option to avoid dealing with the bullpen.

MLB Parlay Betting

Parlays are great options for gamblers with multiple bets. A parlay is like betting on a group of bets to all win. All bets placed in the parlay must win for the parlay to be victorious.

The more bets you add to a parlay, the higher the potential payout. For example, if you liked the Phillies (-195), Yankees (-140), and Red Sox (-120), you could parlay them together for odds close to +375!

MLB Future Bets 

MLB World Series Winner

The World Series future is the hardest to win, but it also offers the best payouts!

At any given time there are updated odds at the MLB betting sites regarding which team will be the final winner. The earlier on a season the bigger chans to hit great odds for your underdog team.

mlb future bets

MLB Conference Betting

Bookmakers will offer odds for a team winning the American or National League Pennant.

Example: The favorites in the American League are the Yankees (+250), White Sox (+375), Twins (+750), Blue Jays (+800), Rays (+950), Athletics (+1000), and Astros (+1000).

The current favorites in the National League are the Dodgers (+165), Padres (+425), Braves (+550), Mets (+600), Cardinals (+1200), Reds (+2000), and Nationals (+2000)

MLB Division Betting

Divisional betting has lower odds because only 5 teams are in the mix. 

Example: The odds in the NL East list the Braves (+135), Mets (+140), Nationals (+650), Phillies (+1000), and Marlins (+3000).

The odds in the NL Central list the Cardinals (+110), Brewers (+300), Reds (+375), Cubs (+550), and Pirates (+10000).

MLB Player Props

Player to hit home run 

Home run props are very common in MLB betting. The odds can vary depending on the team and which pitchers the batter is facing. We always recommend to get full knowledge about the MLB rules before playing prop bets like this.

Player to hit single/double/triple 

Total Bases
This is a player vs. player prop. Gamblers are able to bet on which player will pick up more bases throughout the game.

Bases only count from singles (1 base), doubles (2 bases), triples (3 bases), and home runs (4 bases).
Some sportsbooks offer over/under totals for combined stats. 

For instance, Bryce Harper may have a prop bet for 2.5 Hits+Runs+RBIs with a -130 over and +110 under.

Pitcher Strikeouts Over/Under betting lines

Strikeout props are also really popular. You will find these bets in the over/under format, which means the odds are usually close to even. 

For example, Aaron Nola may have a strikeout total of 7.5 with a -110 over and -110 under.

Pitcher Changes

It is important to keep an eye on potential pitcher changes made before the game. Most bookies will void any bets there were previously placed.

Pitcher changes in MLB

Live MLB Betting – Where to bet Live on MLB

Live betting is great for gamblers who weren’t able to place their bet before the game. Compared to pre-game betting, it is a very fast-paced environment. One of the benefits to live betting is the increased chances of coming across valuable odds lines. 

Why comparing MLB ODDS matters

Comparing odds between bookies is one of the easiest ways to increase your profits.

For example, if Bovada offered the Phillies at -200 and  BETMGM had them at -180, then you would have saved $20 betting to win $100 if you had wagered with BETMGM.

MLB Favorites vs. Underdogs

“Favorites” and “Underdogs” are two common terms in the betting world. The favorite (-) is the team that bookies expect to win, while the underdog (+) is the team they expect to lose.

For example, the Phillies are +130 in their next game against the -150 Blue Jays.

How to recognize a great MLB Bookmaker

Recognize a great mlb bookmaker

The license they hold means safety

Registering with a licensed sportsbook is the only way to guarantee that your funds are safe. You should avoid any unlicensed bookies at all costs.

Bonuses and promotions tailored to MLB Betting

Bookmakers will often release new deals and promotions to stand out among their competitors. 

These offers are a great opportunity to increase your profits, so keep an eye out for them!

Variety of betting lines

The very best bookies offer large varieties of betting lines. You should find money lines and point spreads on most sites, but futures and prop bets are tougher to find.

Easy to use interface

Sports betting is a lot easier when you are comfortable with the interface. Be sure to try out a few options to help decide which ones you like best!

Variety of Payment Methods accepted

Some sportsbooks offer different payment methods than others. Common methods include credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency, e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, etc.), and bank transfers.

Multiple Customer support channels

Customer Service is where bookies can differentiate themselves from their competitors. You never know when a random tech issue will arise, so preparing yourself with a reliable support team is a top priority. The best sportsbooks can address your issue within 10-15 minutes.

Bet on MLB with your smartphone app

When watching a game in MLB, today, you can place a bet at any time with your smart phone on the mobile apps provided by the Sportsbooks. This has really revolutionized the MLB business since you can bet at any minute.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in your couch at home or on the stadium watching the game live. Since almost everyone these days posses a smart phone, it’s vital for the betting sites to provide the best mobile apps for MLB betting. Here are some of the best.

Top MLB Betting apps

  • Unibet
  • FanDuel
  • BetMGM
  • Fox Bet
  • Borgata
  • DraftKings
  • PointsBet
  • Bet Rivers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Of course, you can! MLB betting online is one of the best pastimes you can take up. Many online sportsbooks offer various odds and markets for MLB betting.

Regular MLB season consists of more than 2000 games. This means that you have to pick your strategy and do your research. Only then will you be able to wrap your head around everything that is going on. Plus, bookmakers offer so many bet types per game that you will most probably need more than tips and tricks to get your betting game going.

You do not have to go to the bookmakers anymore. Most sportsbooks offer mobile applications or mobile-optimized websites to use for betting from your couch.
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