MLB Betting in Pennsylvania: How to Bet on Baseball

MLB (Major League Baseball) is one of the professional sports leagues in the USA and Canada combined. It consists of the National League and American League. 30 teams participate in MLB, and each plays 162 games during the season. The regular season starts in March and lasts until the end of September.

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If you think about the number of games, plus the number of odds and markets for each game, you will be amazed at how much there is to look forward to as a sports bettor every day during the season. MLB betting is a legal, and huge business, especially in Pennsylvania. Among the states, Pennsylvania is the only one to have 2 teams in the league.

Before you decide to start betting, we have great research ready for you. Read our article to make sense of MLB betting sites, odds, and markets.

Best MLB Betting Sites in Pennsylvania

The number of sports bettors has been growing a lot in Pennsylvania in recent years. This growth has its reasons. Betting has become more accessible - anybody can download an app and start betting. But, every betting site has its peculiarities, and all bettors have their preferences. One bettor might like the UI of the website; another one might prioritize a certain payment method the bookmaker offers, a third one might want the more alluring Welcome Bonus. Whatever the preference, there is something for everyone.

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Below are some sportsbook recommendations for every preference:

  • DraftKings - offers a huge variety of betting markets
  • Fanduel - Android and iOS apps available
  • Unibet - excellent payment option variety
  • Fox Bet - combines betting and casino games
  • BetRivers - numerous in-game betting options

Latest MLB Odds

Many bookmakers are currently offering division odds for MLB. offers the following futures for

American League National League
New York Yankees +225 Los Angeles Dodgers +125
Houston Astros +750 Atlanta Braves +450
Minnesota Twins +425 Washington Nationals +2200
Tampa Bay Rays +450 St. Louis Cardinals +1500
Cleveland Indians +850 Philadelphia Phillies +1700
Boston Red Sox +22500 Chicago Cubs +550
Oakland Athletics +375 New York Mets +2200
Chicago White Sox +850 Milwaukee Brewers +1700
Los Angeles Angels +22500 Cincinnati Reds +2500
Toronto Blue Jays +2800 San Diego Padres +1200
Texas Rangers +10000 Arizona Diamondbacks +4000
Seattle Mariners +27500 Colorado Rockies +2500
Kansas City Royals +35000 San Francisco Giants +2800
Detroit Tigers +35000 Pittsburgh Pirates +50000
Baltimore Orioles +8000 Miami Marlins +3000


Odds on World series

World series usually follows the regular season of MLB in October. The sportsbooks have established some futures bets for the winner of the Baseball World Series 2020.

New York Yankees +450
Los Angeles Dodgers +325
Houston Astros +1300
Atlanta Braves +1100
Washington Nationals +4500
Minnesota Twins +850
St. Louis Cardinals +3000
Philadelphia Phillies +3500
Tampa Bay Rays +800
Chicago Cubs +1300
New York Mets +4500
Boston Red Sox +40000
Cleveland Indians +1600
Oakland Athletics +700
Milwaukee Brewers +3500
Los Angeles Angels +40000
Chicago White Sox +1600
Arizona Diamondbacks +8000
Cincinnati Reds +5000
San Diego Padres +2500
Toronto Blue Jays +5000
Texas Rangers +17500
Pittsburgh Pirates +100000
Colorado Rockies +5000
San Francisco Giants +5500
Seattle Mariners +50000
Kansas City Royals +60000
Miami Marlins +6600
Baltimore Orioles +15000
Detroit Tigers +60000

Types of MLB Baseball Bets

There are so many bet types to consider while betting on baseball, that a novice will easily get confused. Of course, you do not have to use all of them to be a successful bettor, but it is both interesting to know about them and useful to have the choice in case you need it.

Run Line

A run line bet is a type where you need to choose a team that will either win or lose by a certain number of runs. This wager is very similar to "spread betting" in football. There is a fixed 1.5 "spread" on the run line in baseball betting. Above 1.5 runs is a winning number for your bet, if you supported the favorite team. The underdog team must fail to win the game by less than 2 runs for you to get your payout. The odds are different for each side of the bet.

This type of bet is an interesting one because you can use it in case you think that the underdog will overperform, but, still, lose the game. 


Moneyline is straight and simple. You bet on the team you think will win. If they do, you get the winnings. The odds will differ depending on how likely the team is to win. The less likely the winning outcome for the team, the more money you get from your bet.


A parlay is a type of bet that combines several bets into one wager. It offers higher payouts compared to wagering the same bets separately. However, you must win every single bet, so that the parlay pays out. The general tip is to avoid the parlays unless you are a seasoned bettor.


Over/Under is a type of totals bet that sets a threshold for the scored runs. It doesn't matter which team will win or lose. You just need to guess if the total number of scored runs is above or below the set threshold. Depending on how the game goes, bookmakers can adjust the total. Over and Under usually result in the same amount of money.

First 5 Innings

The "First 5 innings" work like "First half" bets in the NBA or NFL. This bet type ignores everything after the first 5 innings. Most betting sites will offer all the usual markets for this bet as they would offer for the whole game. For example, "Will team X win in the first 5 innings?"

Prop Bets

Prop bets, or proposition bets are a type of bets, where the bookmaker proposes a specific outcome such as:

"Will player X hit a home run in the game?"

"Which team will score first?"

"Will the total runs be an even or an odd number?"

Prop bets can be skilled and unskilled. Skilled prop bets require specific knowledge about the game, the player's ability, the team's statistics, and other factors. Unskilled bets are like gambling: some outcomes are just pure luck, and you cannot predict them.  


Futures bets in Baseball are very much like futures bets in other sports. You try to make an educated guess about an outcome in the future. These bets are made either early in the season or even before the season starts. The most popular futures in MLB are:

  • "Will team X make the playoffs?"
  • "Will team X win the World Series?"
  • "How many games team X will win in a season?"

These are predictions that take time to fulfill; that is why you need to keep an eye on how the landscape changes. Futures betting takes a lot of skill and knowledge.

Player Props

Player props are a type of the general Props bets. This type only includes player-related ones. In our Prop bet examples, "Will player X hit a home run in the game?" is considered a Player prop. Other player props are: 

  • How many hits, runs, and RBI-s will Player X have in a game?
  • Will Player X or Player Y have more hits?
  • Will Player X steal a base?

Top MLB Events to Bet on

There are too many games in the regular season of MLB to pick a small number of favorites. Yet, we chose 3 exciting ones to get you started.

Phillies vs. Mets

It is always exciting and even dramatic when a player is facing former teammates. Emotions are an excellent factor for some occasional betting fun. In this game, Zack Wheeler from Phillies will be facing his former team, New York Mets.

Rangers’ home opener

The first game in a new field is an exciting prospect. Globe Life Field will be hosting its first game this year. Rangers’ fans are excited, and so are the sportsbooks and bettors.

Nationals vs. Mets

2 favorite teams, including last year’s World Series champion. Who is excited for some Max Scherzer vs. Jacob deGrom action?

Best MLB Teams to Bet on

The pandemic shutdown has impacted all 30 teams in Major League Baseball. We would be one month into the regular season now. Yet, there is still time until September to pick up the pace, if the shutdown ends anytime soon.

If there is a decision to go for a shortened schedule, the top teams will have the opportunity to shine even brighter by getting a little rest and healing from previous injuries.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers, for example, have all the opportunity to go strong in a shortened season, without worrying about giving too much workload to their star starters. If anything, a shortened season would make the players more effective. 
  • New York Yankees have the opportunity to find themselves in a better position in a month or two. Aaron Judge, James Paxton, and Giancarlo Stanton will all have time to rehabilitate from their injuries before the season starts.
  • Houston Astros is another favorite that needed a break after their spring training session. Justin Verlander will have time to heal, which will put the team in a better position.

While the players will have the opportunity to get stronger physically during this break, some teams will be having trouble with players' salaries.

Basic MLB Betting Tips

New to MLB betting? We have put together a basic list of what you should do to up your MLB betting game.

Bet against the crowd

Occasional bettors do not think much about strategy, but if you are striving to become a pro bettor, you will see much more profit betting on the underdog.

Focus on division betting

As teams in one division play each other at least 19 times, they learn each others' moves, and so do you.

Place smaller bets on more markets

If you want more control on your bankroll, you should be betting on more markets, but put less money on one bet. This is the type of risk control for smarter money management.

Watch gameday factors

Did you know that weather conditions can make or break a Baseball game? Wind and rain, air temperature and pressure are all big factors to look out for.

Find the best odds

Not all bookmakers are created equal. You should be monitoring the field for better odds consistently. Open accounts in several online betting platforms so that you see all profitable odds and change bookmakers if needed.

Live MLB Betting - Where to bet Live on MLB

Most of our recommended sportsbooks offer live, in-game betting for Major League Baseball. FoxBet and Fanduel are the 2 bettor favorites for live betting, but of course, Betrivers will exceed anybody’s expectations. It offers the most profitable odds and provides numerous options for your live betting excitement.

History of MLB in Pennsylvania

The history of Baseball starts at Valley Forge in 1778, when the first recorded game of "base" took place. The historians did not manage to recover the whole picture of the game. What we do know, however, is how the development of the game is intertwined with American history.

In the middle of the 19th century, Baseball turned from a community pastime into the professional sport and real business we recognize it now. This time was the start of a path with harsh realities, exploitation, and racial discrimination. In 1867 first African-American baseball team from Philadelphia petitioned to be admitted to the National Association of Base Ball Players. But, it was in 1947 that the first African-American player, Jackie Robinson, managed to play in MLB.

At least 4 major league teams originated in Philadelphia but were discontinued or moved to other cities. Currently, Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates are the 2 Pennsylvanian teams in MLB. Philadelphia is the only state to have 2 teams in one league.

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Can I bet on Baseball online?

Of course, you can! MLB betting online is one of the best pastimes you can take up. Many online sportsbooks offer various odds and markets for MLB betting.

How do you bet on MLB?

Regular MLB season consists of more than 2000 games. This means that you have to pick your strategy and do your research. Only then will you be able to wrap your head around everything that is going on. Plus, bookmakers offer so many bet types per game that you will most probably need more than tips and tricks to get your betting game going. 

Can I bet on MLB from a mobile device?

You do not have to go to the bookmakers anymore. Most sportsbooks offer mobile applications or mobile-optimized websites to use for betting from your couch.

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