Bet on NCAA Football in Pennsylvania

The college football season offers a huge number of betting possibilities with a massive schedule of games.

But there are important distinctions to keep in mind when you bet on NCAA football. We have created a complete guide to help you find all the latest NCAAF best bets.

The Best NJ Sportsbook for NCAAF Betting

The latest and greatest college football sportsbooks are highlighted before we dive into NCAAF odds, lines, and tips.

Find out which online sportsbook in Pennsylvania we recommend for betting on college football. As always, you can confidently place bets at these sites, as we have given them our highest recommendation for security and fair betting rules:

1. Caesars


As one of the most famous US gambling companies, Caesars sportsbook PA quickly gathered a loyal following in the Keystone State. Punters from all over Pennsylvania already speak of competitive odds, great bonuses, a deep selection of betting markets, and a seamless mobile Caesars app, so first impressions look solid. In our Caesars sportsbook review,… Read more

Caesars Facts

Sports bonusUp to $1,250 Bet Credit
Promo codeYes, use "BETPHILLYFULL"

Caesars Pros & Cons

+Great user experiance
+Offer a wide variety of prop bets
+Good bonuses & boosts
-A bit outdated app and website

2. BetMGM


BetMGM PA sportsbook is the result of a partnership between the global entertainment company MGM Resorts International and the world’s largest online betting company Entain Holdings. BetMGM launched its mobile online sports betting app in Pennsylvania in December 2020. Although it was a late entrant, it has quickly gained massive adoption due to the gambling… Read more

BetMGM Facts

Sports bonusFirst Bet Offer: Get up to $1000
No Promo Code requiredUse » Play Now

BetMGM Pros & Cons

+Big welcome bonus
+Great live-betting features
+Wide selection of sports
-No phone support

3. FanDuel


FanDuel sportsbook PA is a reputable regulated sports betting site that was first launched in the U.S on September 1, 2018. FanDuel was launched in New Jersey before it gradually began to expand to other states. Today, FanDuel runs sports betting sites in several states and are growing to the biggest sportsbook in the U.S… Read more

FanDuel Facts

Sports BonusBet $5 - Get $150 in Bonus Bets

FanDuel Pros & Cons

+Generous bonus sign up offers
+Amazing user interface
+Great customer service
-Dont offer any phone details
-No crypto allowed

4. Unibet

Best odds

We have a deeper look at the famous Unibet Sportsbook and how it acts in the State of Pennsylvania. What bonuses they offer, if there are any promo codes to be aware of and if they have any juicy promotions for their loyal players. Lets go! Read more

Unibet Facts

Sports bonusRisk Free bet $500

Unibet Pros & Cons

+Big Brand
+Many sports
+Good bonus
+Simple user interface
-Not the best customer service response

NCAA & NFL – The Big Differences

ncaaf versus nfl

Let’s get this straight right from the word go. Compared to the NFL, betting on NCAA football odds is completely different on many levels. This may sound like common sense to some, but many bettors have made costly mistakes when attempting to predict the outcome of college football games.

Below, we’ll detail those elements so that you can build a reliable and profitable betting strategy. Though luck plays a role, smart wagering and background information will always pay dividends in the end.

If you want to make the transition from betting on NFL odds to NCAA football odds, this is vital information that you must absorb. All other aspects of the game remain the same, including the game rules and how points are scored.

But we highly recommend you keep the following ideas in mind when betting.

Distinctive Betting Outlook

Let’s lay out the information we know about the football players who play in these competitions:

  • The NFL is played by professionals at the very top level of the sport.
  • Inexperienced young adults play college football.

There is a clear distinction, which will ultimately affect how you assess NCAAF betting lines.

Most NFL players are accustomed to playing in front of large crowds and can remain composed under pressure, whether during a worldwide televised Super Bowl game or a pivotal Monday night contest. The impact of these factors on NFL wagering is minimal, at most. 

Yet, in college football, the rules are different.

When they graduate, some college teams go from playing in front of friends and family (maybe a couple of hundred people) to tens of thousands.

It’s important to keep in mind the influx of spectators, scouts, and media that accompanies any NCAA championship game. This can all affect a player’s outlook and general feeling before a game starts.

A professional athlete’s level of skill is mostly the result of their years of training and competition experience. Younger people need time to develop the skills and information necessary to compete at the game’s highest levels. 

“The emotional side is a key factor to consider if you want to bet on NCAA football successfully.”

Volatile Betting Field

According to the numbers, fewer people bet on college football than on the NFL. No one should be too surprised by this.

There are now more college football games than ever before, but despite this, wagers placed on individual games are still well below the level of the NFL.

But what does this mean for you? Volatility is the key to understanding this. Essentially, the lines for college football games will be more unpredictable than those for NFL games.

A one-point swing in the NFL is huge. However, a swing of three or four points is not unheard of in college football.

Due to the lower betting volume in college football, relatively small amounts of money can cause significant changes in the betting lines.

While a large wager on a single NFL line won’t cause much of a shift, the same wager on a college game could cause the line to move significantly.

When fewer wagers are on the table, college football betting lines tend to be more fluid and subject to change. These are the moments in which you can pounce on high-value bets.

Expect Bigger Spreads

bigger spreads

When you bet on NCAA football, don’t be intimidated by the point spreads you see. In the National Football League, a huge spread is defined as more than ten points. A spread of 20-30 points is not out of the ordinary in college football. 

This is another reason why you need to have a new perspective on NCAA football odds.

Due to the large number of colleges participating in NCAAF, the disparity between them can potentially lead to unfavorable pairings for lower-ranked teams. 

How does this affect your betting strategy and ability to find the NCAAF best bets?

The first thing we didn’t want was for you to see college football lines for the first time and be shocked. Secondly, it’s important to stress that you shouldn’t write off these games because the initial betting lines look out of place.

Many bettors will stay away from games with a “large spread” in college football. However, once you appreciate the many other factors involved, you can start to see where the value lies.

We recommend keeping it simple while placing your first bet on NCAA football. Learn how the schedules and conferences work, and then zero in on the ones that best suit your betting preferences. 

Knowing which NCAAF conferences and tournaments are the most significant can help you decide where to spend your betting money. You can then adapt your betting once you start to understand how college football games play out.

Smart NCAAF Betting Lines

If you have ever bet on American football, then you are already familiar with the standard NCAAF odds.

We’ve already established that there aren’t very many differences between the various types of marketplaces. It’s the playing circumstances that call for a fresh perspective.

Here are some of the most widely-followed NCAAF betting lines:

  • Moneyline
  • Totals Over/Under
  • Spread
  • Futures
  • Prop Bets

America’s college football has an incredible depth of talent. Since you likely do not have the time to keep up with every conference and event, it would be wise to focus your efforts on a particular area.

The next step is to start learning about betting strategies for future NCAA football games. More than 120 teams make up Division 1 within the following conferences:

  • Big 12 (Big 12 Conference)
  • Big Ten (Big Ten Conference)
  • The American (American Athletic Conference)
  • MAC (Mid-American Conference)
  • PAC-12 (Pacific-12 Conference)

If you want to bet on NCAA football odds, you have to think about more than just the conferences and the individual games because there are many famous bowl games to consider as well:

  • Cotton Bowl – Texas
  • Orange Bowl – Florida
  • Fiesta Bowl – Arizona
  • Rose Bowl – California
  • Peach Bowl – Georgia
  • Sugar Bowl – Louisiana

Bet on NCAA Football with BetPhilly’s Tips

betphillys tips

A new frame of mind is necessary for betting on college football. The game and rules are the same, but other factors will affect the various lines and, in turn, your end profits.

To increase your odds of picking winners throughout the college football season, you should familiarize yourself with the various betting markets and how to identify the best NCAAF odds.

When signing up with any of the best PA sportsbooks for NCAAF betting, keep our advice in mind. Don’t bet aimlessly, as that is always a fast track to losing your bankroll.

Beginner Advice for NCAAF Best Bets

Bettors shouldn’t wait for the playoffs to take advantage of the college football odds available throughout the season. Bookies may make mistakes during the regular season, but those same mistakes won’t happen for the bowl games. 

“Don’t think twice, and be prepared to pounce on any bookie slip-ups.”

When the bulk of bettors are wagering on one side of the NCAAF lines, “fade the public” and take advantage of line movement. 

Similarly, when a sportsbook tries to find its financial footing, betting value may present itself. Consider betting against the grain if you feel it’s the right choice, as this is a great way to find the NCAAF best bets for big returns.

Last Word – College Football Betting in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania bettors have it much better than those in other states. The freedom to bet on local teams opens many more doors for punters when searching for betting value.

Being able to bet on the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Temple Owls, and the Pittsburgh Panthers is fun and potentially profitable. Especially if you know the teams and players involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stick to the moneyline, total over/under, and the spreads to begin with. You can then start to advance and choose your own NCAAF best bets

It’s best you compare the NCAA football odds before placing your wagers. Owning multiple accounts can help you reap bigger returns on every bet you make.

Yes, the Pennsylvania betting rules allow all types of wagers on local teams and events played within the state. It’s a big feature for PA bettors.


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