March Madness Odds Guide

March Madness always impresses on every level. The games are intense, the crowds get bigger, and the betting is always full-on.

March Madness odds are easy to come by at our recommended PA sportsbooks.

As an added plus, the BetPhilly team has come together to guide you and show you how to bet like a pro during March Madness.

Top-Rated PA Bookmakers for March Madness Betting

People living in Pennsylvania can choose from some of the biggest online PA sportsbook brands in the business.

As the March Madness betting season approaches, bookies will start offering enticing new customer incentives to attract your attention. 

Even if you have an existing account at a reputable Pennsylvania sportsbook, you should consider opening accounts at a few others. Take advantage of the free bets and cash-back offers they have available. You’ll then find plenty of great odds to win on your March Madness bets.

Our up-to-date picks for the top March Madness bookmakers are listed below:

1. BetRivers


When it comes to the NBA and March Madness, Betrivers is definitively in the top tier. Every year they offer a great variety of March Madness Prop bets which really gives some enjoyment in the couch.

Bet on how long the national anthem are being singed, our what commercials will show in the first break, and much more. Read more

BetRivers Facts

Sports bonusSecond chance bet up to $500
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BetRivers Pros & Cons

+A big variety of sports-odds
+Easy bonus offers
+Great Deposit & Withdrawal options
-Welcome bonus could be higher

2. BetMGM


We can really tell that BetMGM puts a lot of focus on the March Madness. Either if you looking for great odds to pick a winner early in the season, or if you looking for some great bets at the playoffs,BetMGM got you covered. Read more

BetMGM Facts

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BetMGM Pros & Cons

+Big welcome bonus
+Great live-betting features
+Wide selection of sports
-No phone support

March Madness Explained

In terms of betting action, few events can compare to the NCAA basketball tournament.

We have witnessed the explosion of exciting college basketball activity during March Madness on our TVs, phones, and tablets. It has never been simpler to join in on the action than now.

This is owed to the development of legal and secure sportsbook apps and websites in Pennsylvania.

The basic layout of the tournament is as follows, with each round bringing more excitement and March Madness odds.

  1. The First Four
  2. First Round
  3. Second Round
  4. Sweet 16
  5. Elite Eight
  6. Final Four
  7. National Championship

March Madness features some truly thrilling games. This is due to the games’ one-round knockout structure. The scenario is that a team must win to go on, or it’s hometime. The basis works by pairing off higher seeds against lower seeds.

We often see the “Cinderella Teams” stealing the show in the NCAAB tournament. This happens when a lower-seeded team than its opponent manages to go far into the tournament, winning many games against the higher seeds.

Thankfully, punters in Pennsylvania are free to bet on college basketball, so March Madness is all on the table in terms of betting. Some states are famous for restricting bets on local teams, but PA is pushing the boundaries of NCAAB betting.

So, if you follow the Villanova Wildcats, the Penn State Nittany Lions, Pittsburgh Panthers, or the Temple Owls, you can place bets freely.

Expert Tips – Understanding Odds to Win March Madness Bets

Tournament finalists are revealed on Selection Sunday. Although a lot of the teams are known in advance, there are always shocks and glaring omissions.

The winners of each conference tournament are also given a bye to the March Madness event.

The brackets are formed on the same day the teams are announced, providing even more betting opportunities for those seeking the best odds. This is the opportune time to find the best odds to win March Madness bets.

Big sportsbooks such as FanDuel and DraftKings continually run bracket betting competitions. Huge prizes are handed out to anyone who can bet the winners correctly from start to finish – it’s never been done, but it’s worth a shot!

Key Betting Strategy Points:

  • Higher seeds generally do well, so focus most of your money on those teams.
  • Never be put off by potential slip-ups, though. Upsets happen every year.
  • Games are played at neutral locations, but lengthy traveling is needed for some teams.
  • Recent form is always a hot point, so study the form and see where the money lies.
  • Check the positions and team depth before looking at odds to win March Madness bets.

Uncovering The Best March Madness Odds

A good strategy for betting on March Madness must include taking advantage of the best odds available, which of course is the same for NBA Betting. This website serves as a hub for locating early lines and comparing odds at various NCAA March Madness betting providers.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the smartest ways to maximize your winnings during March Madness:

  • Sign up for more than one sportsbook. Check out our suggestions for licensed sites.
  • Use any welcome bonuses to increase the amount of money you have to bet with.
  • Check out the March Madness betting lines and start comparing the odds.
  • If your team makes it to the Final Four, you may want to consider cashing out.

March Madness Bet on Elite 8 Teams

Regarding basketball, the famous NCAAB Tournament is among the most highly anticipated events of the year. Betting activity and interest are always high.

Sports betting, especially on tournaments like March Madness and the Elite Eight, is very popular in the United States and Pennsylvania. 

The time for the March Madness bet on Elite 8 teams also represent the tournament’s midway point. A team must win three games to advance to the national quarterfinals while only having three games remaining to win the whole NCAAB bracket.

The Vegas Odds March Madness Legacy

Vegas odds were often seen as the benchmark for sportsbooks. While they look similar to the standard moneylines, totals, and spreads you see at betting sites, a level of knowledge is still required to read them. 

To avoid confusion, you don’t need to learn anything new here. Just know that the Vegas odds March Madness lines you see are the same as any others – but perhaps a little more accurate! 

One tip would be to check these odds if you want to make a March Madness bet on Elite 8 teams. You could find some great value and big returns at this stage of the tournament.

March Madness Bets at Pennsylvania Sportsbooks

You should know what to anticipate before committing to any of the mentioned top sportsbooks for March Madness betting above.

Teams go on winning streaks, some top teams leave the tournament early, while some teams turn into the “Cinderalla” dream mentioned earlier.

Those are typical features of a single-elimination competition. The only significant decision is the type of wager you choose to make.

Any of them could be linked to a winning bet, so it’s worthwhile to consider all aspects of the betting markets before putting your money down.

The most popular wagers and Vegas odds March Madness markets to follow are:


The simplest sort of wager is a moneyline wager. This is simple since there are no spreads concerned. You pick the winner of the event. Similar to spread bets, the favorite is the team with the negative, and the plus number is the underdog. The numbers represent the payout.

Point Spread

Every game has a spread that predicts the point differential that will be present at the game’s end. The negative sign will indicate the anticipated winning margin for the favorite team (-). The expected losing margin for the underdog will be denoted by a plus sign (+). 

After the point spread has been tallied against the end score, a successful bet is one in which the bettor correctly predicts the winner.

If the game’s outcome ties in with the spread, it would be deemed a “push.” All wagers would then be void, and your funds would be returned.

Player/Team Props

Bets on individual players are known as player props. You have a range of options when considering a bet on the many player prop selections found at online sportsbooks.

This includes betting on who will score the game’s first basket, unique player futures for the MVP of the championship, rebounds, assists, and more.

Team props provide you the same flexibility to bet on a team from several angles, just like individual props. In addition, you can bet on the point totals of other teams, total betting lines, alternative spreads, and much more.

The advantage of team props, especially team total points, is that you can use them to calculate the game’s total number of points.


One of the most common wagers you can make is a futures wager, which is a wager on the outcome of the tournament itself.

Futures odds for the March Madness event can be bet up to a year in advance. These popular odds begin shortly after the conclusion of the previous tournament.

Exploring odds to win March Madness future bets will display a range of opportunities. These include the MVP, the side with the biggest number of points scored, and a host of other circumstances tied to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Typically starting in the middle of the month of March and ending in early April, the famed events draw huge crowds over their whole duration. This is the time of year when various betting lines focus on the NCAA tournament.

Most of the best sportsbooks in PA will showcase the NCAA tournament games. Follow the suggestions at the top of this page and check the latest Vegas odds March Madness offers.

Yes, there are no restrictions on betting on college basketball and March Madness odds for PA residents. You can bet on any team, any NCAA event, including the popular March Madness bet on Elite 8 teams.


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