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Find The Best Stanley Cup Odds

Find The Best Stanley Cup Odds

The start of the NHL Playoffs in the spring is a cue for hockey enthusiasts in both Canada and the United States to make their predictions for the Stanley Cup champion.

The big annual event sees the Eastern and Western Conference champions face off in the playoffs final. 

One team will hoist the trophy as the Stanley Cup Champion, establishing a new Championship team for the upcoming NHL season.

So, who is favored to win the Stanley Cup? Are there any NHL betting trends to look out for? We answer them and look into the facts surrounding the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup.

BetPhilly leaves no puck unturned as we bring you the information you need to bet smarter.

Who Is Favored to Win the Stanley Cup

More and more NHL odds will become available as the hockey season develops. However, despite a large number of games, only 32 teams compete for the Stanley Cup.

The Colorado Avalanche ended the Tampa Bay Lightning’s hopes of three Championships on the bounce last season and won the Stanley Cup. 

Many punters see the Avalanche being able to return and pick up their own “two-on-the-bounce” Stanley Cup feat. These were the opening day odds of the 2022/23 season:

NHL TeamStarting OddsCurrent Odds
Colorado Avalanche+450+475
Toronto Maple Leafs+800+1250
Boston Bruins+900+600
Tampa Bay Lightning+900+1400
Florida Panthers+1000+1500
  • Biggest Mover So Far – Boston Bruins from +900 down to +600

Betting on NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Getting your hands on the best Stanley Cup odds is something that all PA punters want. So, this guide is all about those odds and what to look for, and we add useful tips along the way. 

The Stanley Cup is one of the biggest Final events in the world of sports and the pinnacle of ice hockey. In other words, the Stanley Cup matters. A lot.

So let’s get started with a basic grip on how these popular Stanley Cup odds work. You can read our in-depth NHL odds guide here if you want a quick reminder on how odds work.

NHL Stanley Cup Betting Overview

The best-of-seven structure throughout the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final means many betting opportunities.

The moneyline, puckline, totals, props, and specials will all be available for each game, giving punters plenty of ways to wager on the playoff series.

Why Do Stanley Cup Odds Change?

The odds against a team are never set in stone; they can improve or worsen at any time. As an example, the Philadelphia Flyers may initially be +7500 underdogs (requiring a $100 wager to win $7,500).

But this particular line might shift as the season progresses. There are several factors at play that can cause the Stanley Cup odds to shift.

  • Market volatility is often seen in future odds. A team may create an unexpected Round 1 Playoff upset that can prompt the oddsmakers to lower the lines.
  • During the regular season and postseason, odds are adjusted based on a team’s performance, team injuries, opposition, and many more key factors.
  • Stanley Cup odds are also modified by sportsbooks based on betting trends. If a lot of money is wagered on one team, oddsmakers may have to cut the odds to limit their exposure to possible losses should that team win.

NHL Odds to Win Stanley Cup – Betting Patterns

find the patterns!

If you are looking at the latest odds to win Stanley Cup, you might want to think about the following betting patterns.

  • Winning the Stanley Cup is challenging for any team, but there have been multiple occasions when teams have successfully defended the title.
  • Recent seasons have seen a fair share of winners from the Eastern and Western Conferences.
  • You will often see the top teams go on to lift the Stanley Cup, and rarely do you see any outsiders make an upset.

Understanding the NHL Stanley Cup Odds

The Stanley Cup is regarded by many experts as the most difficult trophy to win in pro sports. For punters looking to place a bet on the event, it means predicting a winner is more challenging, but the rewards can also be much bigger.

The NHL Futures market is a simple bet to understand. It is no different from a moneyline “odds to win” bet between two teams.

The Futures market is simply looking at a bigger scale on which team will win the Stanley Cup. Either they win, or they don’t.

Guaranteed Payouts at Trusted PA Sportsbooks

By betting with one of our recommended PA sportsbooks, there is no risk to you in placing these long-term bets. Once you have wagered on a future event, it is guaranteed by the sportsbook and paid out at the odds posted at the time of the wager.

Futures betting is often seen as long-term. Bettors can place them throughout the season, leading up to the playoffs, and during the playoffs.

But as we mentioned, the odds will reduce along with your potential winnings the longer you wait to put your bet down.

Last Canadian Team to Win Stanley Cup

Last Canadian Team to Win Stanley Cup

One of the longest streaks in pro sports continues. It’s not one that any fans like to hear, either. A winning Canadian team has not picked up the Stanley Cup since 1993.

The last Canadian team to win Stanley Cup? The answer is the Montreal Canadiens. Since 1993, it has ended up in the cabinet of a US team every year.

The Edmonton Oilers recently tried but failed in the playoffs, so the wait continues. When looking at the latest NHL Stanley Cup odds, it would be worth keeping this little fact in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will find the biggest Stanley Cup odds before the season starts. But if you want less risk, you can place your bets later in the season or during the playoffs.

We recommend you check out the sportsbook listed at BetPhilly. They guarantee payouts on all future markets, such as betting on the odds to win the Stanley Cup.

It all depends on your risk/reward outlook. The biggest NHL Stanley Cup odds are found early in the season. However, backing a team just before the playoffs begin will give you a better chance of predicting the winner.


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