PA Betting Sites with Paypal

Today most Betting Sites in Pennsylvania and the U.S accepts both deposits and withdrawals with PayPal.

Here are all the sites mentioned, and we go through why PayPal is an excellent banking options for PA citizens.

Here Are The Best Betting Sites With Paypal In PA

Betting with PayPal by their side is one detail that some bettors simply must have. The most famous of all e-wallets has been a key part of online banking since the start of the internet, let alone essential to the best online PA Sports Betting Sites.

The quick payments, added security, and confidence of seeing the PayPal logo help make this one of the more popular payment methods we see here at BetPhilly.

Our team has collected and put together all the key points you need to know about this e-wallet, along with the latest list of betting sites with PayPal.

Which Online Betting Sites Accept PayPal?

We continue to track the local betting sites with PayPal as a payment method. Most Pennsylvania bookies will aim to include this popular option in their onsite cashier.

If the e-wallet is on your preferred banking list, check out the current top-rated sportsbooks for our recommendations on where to bet with PayPal.

Both deposits and withdrawals with PayPal

Only deposits

Only withdrawals

What Are The Major Benefits of Using PayPal?

Every month, thousands of online bettors utilize PayPal to deposit funds and cash out their winnings quickly. We have shown you above where to bet with PayPal, and because of its widespread use, many sportsbooks continue to accept and add PayPal for sports wagering. 

The points below can help explain the major benefits of using PayPal for online betting.

Learn how to make payments with PayPal

Widely Accepted

The popularity of e-wallets means you will find several options when searching for betting sites with PayPal.

Most bettors won’t base their entire final sportsbook decision on this factor alone, but knowing this payment method is widespread across the PA sportsbook scene is a reassuring point that goes a long way in the thoughts of those looking to use e-wallets.

Safe & Secure

If you have a PayPal sportsbook account, you can easily add funds without entering your credit card information on the website. From a purely practical standpoint, it provides a sense of security that is appreciated by many punters.

As a company, PayPal uses highly secure encryption technologies and has a large workforce of fraud prevention experts.

Instant Transactions

When you transfer money from your PayPal account, the money will be available in your sportsbook account instantly, meaning you can start placing your wagers straightaway.

The typical processing time for a PayPal withdrawal is two hours. That’s much faster than using a debit card or bank account to get hold of your winnings.


The PayPal mobile app streamlines the process of sending money to your favorite mobile sportsbook. This helps reduce the hassle of entering your credit card information into a mobile device. This is also something that most of the best Sports Betting Apps have integrated.

After that, you’ll have the ability to quickly start making bets on the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and many other renowned sports leagues.

How to Deposit Using PayPal

Betting sites accept PayPal to create that quick and simple banking process, and again, this is one of the key reasons why it is so popular here in Pennsylvania and all across the world. Once registered, which only requires your Social Security number and email address, you can start making transactions.


Here is how you make a deposit at betting sites with PayPal:

  1. Log in to your sportsbook account (or register your new account)
  2. Click through to the cashier and click the PayPal option
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click “Deposit”
  4. Log into PayPal via the pop-up and verify the deposit details before clicking “Pay Now”
  5. Wait for the confirmation, and you will then return to the sportsbook
  6. Your money should be sitting in your account, ready for you to bet with

How to Withdraw Using PayPal

Withdrawing your winnings is simpler than the depositing part. As with most betting sites with PayPal, you must have deposited with PayPal to be able to withdraw any money successfully. The process itself is simple, but we still recommend checking any withdrawal limits.

Follow these simple steps to withdraw money back to your PayPal account:

  1. Log in and head to the cashier section of the sportsbook
  2. Click PayPal in the Withdrawal area
  3. Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw
  4. Confirm the amount by clicking the “Withdraw” button
  5. The sportsbook will then process the request and send your winnings

Our Expert Tips on PayPal

Get some pointers on how best to use PayPal from our very own BetPhilly experts. If you are looking for a new, reliable payment option, these tips and tricks could help you decide whether PayPal is right for you.

Accessing Welcome Offers

E-wallets are well known for restricting people from claiming welcome bonuses, but PayPal is one that breaks the rules – on most occasions. If you must use an e-wallet when claiming welcome offers, we highly recommend you try and look for betting sites with PayPal.

Check For External Fees

Nothing is perfect, and there will be fees somewhere along the line, no matter how far and wide you look where to bet with PayPal. Using a credit card to fund your PayPal account incurs a modest cost, and transaction fees for receiving funds range from 1.9% and more.

Know Where To Bet With PayPal

Use our recommendations above to access the best betting sites with PayPal. By now, you should be able to see the many benefits of banking with PayPal at sportsbooks. Some minor fees may be involved, but the convenience factor outweighs the fees for many people. 

Pros and Cons – PayPal at Betting Sites

Many betting sites accept PayPal to help punters quickly move money to and from their sportsbook accounts. It’s not difficult to recognize that betting sites with PayPal can be advantageous.

Apart from the obvious advantages in terms of safety and ease of use, there are a few other important pros and cons listed below:


  • Easy to use after the one-time setup
  • Keep your banking details off the sportsbook website
  • A secure connection between PayPal and the sportsbook
  • Easy withdrawals once you have made a PayPal deposit
  • Convenient to use PayPal across your daily life


  • Some fees will be applied during some transactions
  • Not every sportsbook will provide PayPal
  • Initial setup requires bank details and an ID

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. PayPal is as secure as any other e-wallet. Betting sites with PayPal add a layer of protection between the player's financial information and the site, making it preferable to directly linking bank accounts.

No, you must use an account linked to your personal details. All betting sites accept PayPal with the strict rule that punters only use their own accounts.

If you are looking for where to bet with PayPal, check out our suggestions at the top of this page for some excellent PayPal-friendly sportsbooks.
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