Bet on Virtual Sports in Pennsylvania

Virtual sports betting sit at the intersection between casino and sports, offering an entirely new branch to the iGaming world.

Virtual Sports in Pennsylvania are legal, and we know what sites to play at where they have welcome bonuses.

The advantages of betting on virtual sports include spectacular graphics, endless sports choices and no waiting times.

Best Virtual sports provider in PA

Virtual Sports in Pennsylvania are legal today but several U.S based sportsbooks has not implemented virtual sports in their offers.

The best site for virtual sports betting right now in PA are Unibet. Unibet has a long history of providing the best and most Virtual Sports games to bet on. And more than that, they also have a great bonus offer right now which provides new players with a lot of extra value.

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We will keep updating the list of betting sites which provides Virtual sports.

What is Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are similar to fantasy sports and gain inspiration from real-life sporting events.

These are electronic games, designed by software developers, that simulate popular sports and incorporate advanced algorithms that determine each event’s outcome.

Today, virtual sport betting are a popular betting category around the world.

If you look at virtual sports as a wagering category, you’ll notice it falls in between casino games and sports.These games integrate the same structure and rules that are present in the real sport.

This allows punters to connect the dots within the sport and better understand the factors involved in placing a bet.

For example, soccer simulations consider the rules of the game and include them in the virtual environment, along with the various intricacies between each league – whether it’s the world cup or a domestic league.

Types of Virtual Sports

Types of virtual sports

You can find various disciplines in the world of virtual sport betting. Let’s check out the most popular ones below.


Fast-paced sports that involve racing are hugely successful in virtual sports. Let’s take a look at the main categories:

Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing offers you the opportunity to bet on similar markets that appear in real horse racing, including forecast, tricast, win, and place.

The graphics and animations used in virtual horse races are incredible and closely resemble the real deal, which reels in many players wanting a unique experience.

Another benefit is that horse racing is straightforward and easy to understand, so novice players often take this route.


iRacing facilitates simulated car races on the best virtual tracks, along with the best racecar drivers. This is an action-packed virtual sport that offers you a glimpse into the life of a NASCAR or Grand Prix driver.

It’s a genuinely immersive experience that’s almost unmatched. You can stake wagers in markets like win, forecast, tricast, as well as each-way.


Virtual greyhound racing gives you the opportunity to participate in events from the comfort of your home, which is an attractive feature for hardcore gamblers.

You can place bets on the winner or wager on tricasts and forecasts. Greyhound racing reignites the traditional atmosphere of a race, along with thrilling animations.


Virtual cycling is a sport that’s easy to understand, and it offers an authentic feel that makes it challenging to distinguish between real events.

There’s also a commentary included, which generates even more excitement. You can bet on markets like who will win, place each-way bets, and try your hand at riskers bets like forecasts and tricasts.

Traditional Sports

Traditional sports are trendy in the virtual world. Let’s take a look at some of the favorites:

American Football

American football is a popular virtual sport, and it offers you the ability to wager on a wide selection of odds. Events can involve nations or clubs, and you can bet on who will win, the number of goals, and more. 


Tennis features a unique scoring system, so it’s a top pick for many punters as it provides you with multiple betting opportunities. Games begin often, with a session only lasting for one game instead of numerous sets.

This means that you can find out the score within minutes, which is excellent for players who want to see results quickly.


The betting frequency in virtual basketball is high, with a new betting cycle available every five minutes. Some of the wagers you can stake include the match-winner, total points, handicap, winning margin, and more.

Virtual basketball offers impeccable graphics that are very similar to real games, providing a memorable experience.

Combat Sports

Combat sports consist of one-on-one fights in categories like MMA, UFC, and boxing. This genre is one of the fastest-growing industries, and its virtual setting allows you to pick teams of fighters and compete against other players. 


Possibly the sport with the most substantial fanbase, virtual soccer is just as appealing as its real-life counterpart. With audio from the best commentators now included, the line between soccer simulations and real-life grows blurrier.

You can place bets on all the usual markets in virtual soccer, including who will win, total goals, and more.

Betting on Virtual Sports in Pennsylvania 

Betting on virtual sports in Pennsylvania

If you want to bet on virtual sports in Pennsylvania, there are a few things you’ll need to know. Below, you’ll find the answers to some of the most asked questions.

Since the repeal of the PASPA Act in 2018, each state can now set its own laws regarding gambling activities. This means that if you want to participate in virtual sport betting, you’ll need to check your state’s legislation first. 

Betting on virtual sports are legal in Pennsylvania.

There are numerous states that allow virtual sports betting, including Pennsylvania, Oregon, Rhode Island, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Many states have different requirements for their sports betting legislation. For example, in Oregon, you need to download the Scoreboard app to place online bets, while in other states, you may need to visit a casino to place an online wager.

Make sure you check the specific laws in your state before participating in virtual sports betting.

How does Virtual Sports betting work?

Virtual sports betting is very similar to regular sports betting. You pick a game and place wagers that will yield a return that depends on the event’s result.

Every game’s outcome is determined by an in-depth algorithm that’s continuously monitored by independent verifiers to ensure fair and unbiased virtual markets. 

The key difference between the two activities is that virtual sports play out much faster (within minutes) and don’t require you to wait a painstaking 90 odd minutes for a result.

Additionally, there are multiple events occurring at any given moment, with new games beginning every few minutes. 

What is the best Virtual Sports betting strategy?

As with other gambling games, virtual sports is based on chance, so the possibility of either winning or losing is entirely random. While there are several betting strategies that regularly circulate amongst punters, very few deliver actual results. 

The primary points to consider when betting on virtual sports apply to all gambling games: practice discipline, don’t chase losses, and manage your bankroll effectively.

Always aim to minimize your risk while maximizing your earning potential.

Does Virtual Sports betting software work?

Yes. Virtual sports betting software is advanced and incorporates a sophisticated algorithm to ensure a completely random outcome within each game. Every player sees the same result, which runs through a random number generator.

Today, there are really no need to download any virtual betting software since everything can be handled at the betting site or in the betting app with plugins.

What are the top Virtual Sports betting secrets?

Here are some hints to consider when placing wagers on virtual sports:

1. Select your sport wisely

There are different parameters at play within each sport, along with diverse betting markets. Make sure you pick a sport that has rules and bets that you fully understand.

2. Bet with smaller amounts

Virtual sports markets are incredibly volatile, so it’s challenging to predict the correct outcome every time. To combat this, place lower bets to avoid incurring significant losses.

3. Don’t chase losses

One of the quickest ways to decrease your bankroll is by placing a bet, watching it lose, and then placing large bets to cover your losses. If you’ve lost a few bets, it’s better to stop and pick it up again another day.

The Popularity of Virtual Sports

The popularity of virtual sports

Virtual sports exploded onto the gambling scene, quickly gaining a fierce following. Let’s see how this happened below.

What are the biggest Virtual Sports games?

The hottest virtual sports games follow a similar hierarchy to regular sports betting. Here are the top ten virtual sports in the market right now:

Virtual sports is merely a digital upgrade to the long-reigning arcade games that featured horse racing and has seen a massive increase in participation due to the easy access provided by the Internet.

Its popularity started to soar in the mid-2000s when bookmakers began to have a credible online presence.

Where/How to Watch Virtual Sports in Pennsylvania

Let’s take a look at where and how you can watch virtual sports in Pennsylvania.

Where to watch Virtual Sports

In Pennsylvania, you can visit lottery retailers, such as bars and taverns, to watch virtual sports events. Additionally, you can visit selected online casinos.

How to watch Virtual Sports

To watch a virtual sports game, you’ll need to place a bet, which grants you access to view the event. Games begin every five minutes, and you can pick from Xpress Football and Xpress Car Racing.

History of Virtual Sports

History of virtual sports

Before the era of technology, avid players would play virtual sports using nothing more than a pen and paper. In 1961, John Burgeson developed the earliest form of fantasy baseball, which was coded onto a computer. 

After that, virtual sports entered the arcade scene in the early 1980s, where horse racing was a popular go-to.

Players could wager pennies on their chosen runner, and watch the event play out in real-time. Nowadays, everything is digital, and the choice of sports is endless.

When did Virtual Sports start?

Virtual sports began long ago, before the dawn of computers and other technology, as far back as the 1960s.

When was Virtual Sports created?

The first computer program that featured a virtual sport was designed in 1961. Based on the earliest version of fantasy basketball, the program was coded onto an IBM 1620 computer and allowed two teams to compete against one another by facilitating a random number generator. 

Who invented Virtual Sports?

The first person to successfully code and run a virtual sports program was John Burgeson.

When was the first tournament?

The information on when the first virtual sports tournament was held is somewhat blurry, but it’s safe to say that it was most likely the tournament played on the first program designed by John Burgeson.

The Industry

The virtual sports industry is already popular, and it continues to reel in new players every day. Let’s look at the intricacies below.

How much is the Virtual Sports industry worth?

The virtual sports industry is estimated to be worth $10 billion, while the sports betting industry as a whole brings in about $100 billion a year.

What are the major Virtual Sports providers?

There are numerous virtual sports software providers, including Golden Race, Bet Radar, Nsoft, Global Bet, and Kiron.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, virtual sports aren’t rigged, as they utilize advanced algorithms to ensure the highest levels of fairness among all players. Each game facilitates the use of a random number generator, so every outcome is random and unbiased.

Depending on which state you reside in, virtual sports may or may not be legal. So far, several states have legalized virtual sports betting, including Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregan, and Rhode Island, among others. It’s best to check your state’s laws before placing any bets.

If you live in Pennsylvania, you can safely wager at Sports betting sites. If you live in another state, you need to check the gambling legislation on virtual sports betting.

Although there are no statistics available on the most substantial virtual sports gambling wins, you can net some hefty profits if you predict the correct outcomes.

No, you can’t cheat in virtual sports, as the software is safe from hacking and features a rigorous algorithm that is regularly checked by independent verifiers and auditors to ensure the highest standards of equal play.


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