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If you need to clean up your NHL betting skills, then understanding betting odds is one area you should consider.

BetPhilly’s specialists have compiled all of the facts to assist you in making the most of your betting bankroll regarding the NHL odds and NHL Beting Lines.

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The Latest NHL Betting Odds

The NHL is not only home to the biggest brand of ice hockey in the world, but it comes with a wide range of betting markets to explore and lots of historical data to help find profitable bets.

Fans of the NHL are treated to 1,000+ games per season, with 32 teams playing over 80 games each. That is a perfect recipe for anyone looking to capitalize on betting opportunities.

Latest NHL betting odds

Get access to all the latest NHL odds right here at BetPhilly, your number-one betting guide to ice hockey. We cover everything from the most popular NHL betting lines to explaining the odds found in the top PA sportsbooks.

The NHL delivers fast-paced action with excellent betting opportunities, which is why improving your knowledge across the sport is essential.

We aim to put you in a position where you can quickly read the latest odds, place profitable bets, and become an expert on key parts of the season, such as betting on the best NHL Stanley Cup odds.

Top Betting Sites for NHL in Pennsylvania

Improving your knowledge of NHL odds and all the betting lines involved in the sport is exactly what you can find on this page, but you also need some trusted sportsbooks where you can place those bets.

Online betting is all about the details, and not every sportsbook is the same. This is why our BetPhilly team continues to review and approve all the top betting sites in Pennsylvania.

If you want reliable betting site recommendations, look no further. We have listed our current top-rated sites below, and we also provide in-depth reviews on each brand if you want to check the specific bonuses, features, and range of NHL odds.

Picking the right betting site is important, so make the decision an easy one with the expert advice available here at BetPhilly.

Top-Rated Pennsylvania Betting Sites:

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1. PointsBet

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2. Draftkings

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3. FanDuel

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4. Unibet

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How to Bet on NHL Games in PA

The Pennsylvania Betting scene is thriving right now, and there is no shortage of options if you are looking for profitable NHL odds.

We’ve shown you which sites we recommend you bet on, but the act of betting is something that needs some extra thought and attention. The use of bonuses and onsite features all help to make the most of your NHL betting experience.

Understanding which NHL betting lines to research, how much to bet, and seeking out unique opportunities to boost your winnings is all part of creating a profitable betting strategy. This is where we can help you with professional guidance and insider information.

The BetPhilly NHL betting guide gives you a full overview of the sport and how to get started. Once all that starts to make sense, this page provides all you need to know about the popular types of NHL odds, how to read NHL betting lines, and puts you in a position to make the right decisions on where to put your money.

So, with all that in mind, let’s get stuck into the odds.

We can round up the NHL odds into three categories. Everyone has a preference, but as a rule of thumb, the American type is the one most used across the NHL:

  • American (Money Line)
  • Fractional (British)
  • Decimal (European)

American Odds (Money Line)

American odds, often known as money line odds or US NHL odds, are extensively used across betting sites in Pennsylvania. When studying NHL betting lines, these are the standard odds and are always accompanied by a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol.

How to Calculate Your NHL American Odds Payouts

We’ll use two NHL teams to make our examples easier to follow. So, to explain the American NHL odds, we have Detroit Red Wings vs. Montreal Canadiens:

Detroit Red Wings -160 (favorite)

Montreal Canadiens +150 (underdog)

Moneyline bets are popular as they clearly show the bettor the amount they must wager to win $100 (the plus sign) or the amount they would earn if they wager $100 (negative number).

  • The negative number indicates the amount that must be wagered to win $100. If you wager $160 on the Red Wings and they win, you will get $260 back (a $100 profit).
  • The positive number represents the amount you would earn if you wagered $100. A $100 wager on the Canadiens would return $250 (for a profit of $150) should they win.

NHL betting line calculations are often easier with $1 amounts. Here, a $1.60 bet on the Red Wings would earn $1. The Canadiens to win with a $1 bet would return $1.25. Using this process, you can determine the profit of your NHL odds by multiplying the return by your wager.

Fractional Odds

To any newcomer, the best way to look at these types of odds is to view the two numbers as “how much you win” / “your bet amount”. Another NHL example will help to explain this better.

How to Calculate Your NHL Fractional Odds Payouts

Let’s say a sportsbook is offering NHL Stanley Cup odds of 10/1 for Tampa Bay Lightning to win before the season starts.

A $100 bet on 10/1 odds would return $1100 ($1000 in profit and your $100 initial bet).

The odds can look a bit more confusing if the numbers are reversed. This would indicate a favorite, otherwise known as an “odds-on” bet. A good example of this would be for the Tampa Bay Lightning to beat the Columbus Blue Jackets with NHL odds at 4/7. 

A $100 bet on 4/7 odds would return $157.14 ($57.14 in winnings on top of your $100 bet).

Decimal Odds

The decimal NHL odds are much easier to understand, and you will see this type commonly used worldwide in many sports. The value you see is best viewed as a multiplier, with the smaller number indicating the favorite and the bigger one showing you the underdog. 

We’ll use the Detroit Red Wings vs. Montreal Canadiens game to help explain how you can use these multipliers.

Detroit Red Wings 1.63 

Montreal Canadiens 2.50

How to Calculate Your NHL Decimal Odds Payouts

All we do is multiply the bet total by the decimal NHL odds. You would win $163 from a $100 bet on the Red Wings (1.63 x $100).

If you bet $100 on the Canadiens, you would win $250 (2.50 x $100). Take note your initial bet amount is included in the winnings, so your true profit would be the winnings minus the bet amount.

Understanding Odds & NHL Betting Lines

Successfully making money on NHL betting lines requires an understanding of how the most popular markets function. Then and only then can you confidently assess NHL odds and select the high-value bets that result in more consistent and sizable profits.

understanding odds and nhl betting lines

Below are the main NHL betting markets to help you decide where to bet.

NHL Moneyline Odds

Picking the NHL moneyline is where most punters kick off their betting journey. It’s the easiest and less risky option but also a popular option in the strategy of experienced punters. The aim is to pick the winner from the two options available, the favorite or underdog.

Checking recent form and lineups will always help find reasons to back up any predictions you have doubts about.

“All 2-way money line betting markets include any over time, but the rare 3-way money line bets are only based on regular time due to their being no ties in NHL.”

NHL Puck Line Odds

The puck line betting market is your basic point spread but for goals. It’s unique for NHL odds and is an option for anyone looking for slightly bigger profits. Usually based around the 3.5 mark, favorites give away points, and underdogs are awarded points before the game starts.

Essentially, it helps balance out the game and provide more value to the favorite, although they need to win by at least the puck line you bet on to gain your profit.

NHL odds for puck line betting can help balance the teams out and, if it’s a tight game, can sometimes reverse the favorite prediction.”

NHL Over/Under Totals Odds

The over/under betting market is a top alternative for most betting fans. Used predominantly when someone cannot choose between two teams, betting on how many goals will be scored provides a fun yet rewarding option.

You’ll get bigger NHL betting odds the more goals you select, and again researching form and lineup is key to getting these bets correct.

“Choose the over/under goals total betting market when the game is too tight to call. It’s also great for the neutral fan as they cheer on any goal scored!”

Unique NHL Odds & Betting Options 

All the top-rated sportsbooks featured here at BetPhilly will offer various markets. You can find everything from basic NHL betting lines to complex alternatives based on the best players and team form, as well as looking ahead to the all-important Stanley Cup.

unique NHL odds and betting options

Here are some unique NHL odds betting alternatives for the season.

NHL Stanley Cup Odds

All teams have their eyes on the Stanley Cup. It’s the pinnacle of the NHL season, and options will be available before any games are played, throughout the season, and there will be plenty of competitive NHL playoff odds throughout the knockout stages too.

It’s a big deal, and you can be sure of ultra-competitive games when you get down to the last few teams.

NHL Prop Betting Odds

Prop bets are an entertaining way to mix up your NHL odds betting when you don’t find any value in the main markets. Prop bets refer to exact situations that might arise during play. These could be betting on the number of goals scored or guessing the number of penalty minutes accumulated by a team or individual player.

NHL Playoff Odds

For anyone new to the sport, the playoffs are otherwise known as the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You may see this betting market labeled either way, but the result will be a list of NHL playoff odds based on the Stanley Cup.

It’s the hugely popular knockout tournament to decide the grand winner of the NHL season, so there is always a lot of betting action around the fixtures.

Key Points for NHL Odds & NHL Betting Lines

There is a whole world of NHL betting odds and markets to research. As a starting point, you can use the key points below to help enhance your NHL strategy:

Player-Specific Key Points

  • Recent player form can help determine successful prop betting
  • Back-to-back games can affect player performance
  • Rival fixtures can overwhelm younger players
  • Experiencer veterans know how to play out leading scores

Team-Based Key Points

  • Busy traveling schedules play a big part in fitness levels
  • Review line matchups and the selected players to find mismatches
  • Injuries and late dropouts can make or break NHL odds result for any team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A total of 1312 games are played each season in the NHL.

We rank the best betting sites for hockey betting in our article "NHL betting odds & Lines"

It depends on where in the world you live. The three most common types are: American Odds, Fractional Odds & Decimal Odds.


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