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Pennsylvania Sportsbooks

Here are our Top-rated Sportsbooks to choose from when betting from PA:

casesars sportsbook logo

1. Caesars

As one of the most famous US gambling companies, Caesars sportsbook PA…
Sports bonusUp to $1,250 Bet Credit
Promo codeYes, use "BETPHILLYFULL"

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

draftkings sportsbook logo

2. Draftkings

Draftkings Sportsbook PA really don't need an introduktion. They have been in…
Sports bonusUp to $1,000
Promo codeYes, use "WIN"

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

betrivers logo

3. BetRivers

BetRivers is a big name in gambling, home to everything from sports…
Sports bonusSecond chance bet up to $500
Promo codeYes, use "SPORTS"

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

betmgm logo

4. BetMGM

BetMGM PA sportsbook is the result of a partnership between the global…
Sports bonusFirst Bet Offer: Get up to $1000
No Promo Code requiredUse » Play Now

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Popular Leagues & Sports in PA

Everything you need to know about PA sports betting

Why trust us?

BetPhilly is committed to bring you the most up-to-date information on online sports betting PA. Our team is actively researching to find the latest deals and best strategies so you can take full advantage of your PA betting! 

How we review sportsbooks

How we Review PA sportsbooks

We do the research

Here at BetPhilly, we use in-depth analysis to bring you the best advice we can offer. When making our recommendations on for example betting sites in PA, our experts take a deep look into the top betting sites and compare all aspects.

What kind of bonuses they offer

Due to the competitiveness of the PA betting industry, PA sportsbooks tend to “take turns” on offering the best bonuses.

In other words, these deals are always temporary, and you never know when someone will announce the next best bonus.

What kind of margin they provide on odds

The variance in odds margins is another factor to consider when reviewing Pennsylvania sportsbooks. Our team compares the top bookmakers to find who offers the best odds.

Experience in betting

BetPhilly is comprised of several gambling experts who all have years of experience in the online sports betting industry. Our team is excited to share our knowledge and help you to become a profitable bettor!

We stay up to date with the latest news

Our team is committed to keeping bettors up to date on breaking news. From injury updates, to roster changes, BetPhilly has you covered!

Review Customer Support

Finding a reliable customer support team is a top priority when comparing bookies. You never know when you’ll come across an issue that needs immediate attention.

To save you the trouble, BetPhilly is always up to date with which PA sportsbooks have the best support team.

Is PA sports betting legal?


The answer on that questions is yes! The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board regulates the Pennsylvania betting market and sports betting is legal in PA since 2017. All legal information and details can be found at the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the HB 271.

The PA betting platforms are subject to a 10 mln USD license, plus a 34% gross gaming revenue tax and other minor taxes and fees.

sportsbetting legal?

Licenses recognized in Pennsylvania

The expensive license to offer betting legal in PA buys only one sports PA betting skin, which also allows the operators to open brick-and-mortar sportsbook locations.

Depicting the brand name in a prominent place on the website is one of the requirements of the license. PGCB also has a list of sports and events open for PA betting.


Thanks to organizations like GamCare and Action against Gambling Harms, the community has access to countless resources that help gambling addiction victims.

With expertise in preventing and treating gambling addictions, these companies are more than ready to help!

Things that make Legal Online PA Sportsbooks safe

  • Safety of funds

The strict regulations have their upside for you, the player. Your funds and transactions are more protected in a regulated environment.

Here you still get to live the thrill of betting on your favorite sports and teams, but avoid the shock of an offshore bookie closing shop and running away with your money in the account.

Is legal online sportsbooks safe
  • Security of personal information

Many bookmakers strive to maintain the full security of their bettors’ personal information. In order to keep their clients’ information safe, sportsbooks use security mechanisms. A common mechanism that’s used is a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

What about Esports Betting in Pennsylvania?

Is Esports betting legal in the U.S? As of today, Esports betting is legal in some states in USA. However, it has not yet been decided legal in Pennsylvania.

But according to experts in the area, PA should be opening up the possibility to place bets on Esports soon. We will keep you updated.

How to get started with PA online sports betting!

First things first: Here’s how you pick a Pennsylvania sportsbook

  • Look for PA Sportsbooks with the best bonus

One of the most efficient ways PA sportsbooks reel in new customers is through the bonuses they offer. Sign up incentives are typically the best deals you’ll find. Some bookmakers will match upwards of 100% of your deposit.

  • Find out who offers the best odds

When choosing a sportsbook, it’s a good idea to identify which bookmakers tend to offer the best odds. A tiny difference in odds may not seem significant at first, but it will make a considerable difference over time.

Picked your favorite bookie? Here’s how you open an account

1. Check the PA Sportsbook Requirements

The first step in creating your account is age verification. You must be at least 21 years of age to gamble in Pennsylvania.

2. Visit their Registration page

After verifying your age, the next step is your registration. Once the app has finished loading, you’ll want to find and click the “New User/Register” button. 

3. Make sure to opt-in for a Welcome Bonus

Some of the biggest advantages you’ll find straight out of the gate are a welcome bonus. Most PA Sportsbooks offer these one time deals to help acquire new clients. It’s a wise idea to compare your options before creating your account.

4. Submit your contact details

Another part of the signup process is contact information. To prevent illegalities, such as fraud and money laundering, sportsbooks use “Know Your Customer” policies.

This requires new gamblers to submit their name, address, and other information.

5. Watch out for a verification email or SMS

The verification process may take a few days to complete. This generally stems from bettors submitting ID information that isn’t fully legible.

6. Login and Deposit your first playing funds

Once your identification has been verified, you’ll be ready to make your first deposit. After you’ve selected a deposit method, just enter the amount details and sit back and wait for your funds to arrive in your betting account.

7. You should be good to go and start betting! 

Finally, you are ready to place your first bet! Most PA sportsbooks’ have interfaces that are straightforward and easy to use. Different sports typically have their own section, with additional betting options within the sport.

Don’t forget to redeem your bonus

  • What is a Bonus?

PA Sportsbooks will offer special deals called bonuses. Despite how good these deals may sound at first, these deals have hidden restrictions tied to them as well.

Before you redeem your bonus, sportsbooks may require bettors to play through a bonus bet several times.

don’t forget to redeem your bonus
  • Why are Bonuses Offered?

The reason Pennsylvania sportsbooks offer these bonuses is because it’s an effective way of bringing in new customers. Existing customers are also pushed to continue making deposits.

Due to increasing competition in the sports gambling industry, it’s crucial for PA sportsbooks to offer these deals.

  • What is a SECOND CHANCE Bet?

This type of bonus allows bettors to retain their money even if their bet didn’t win. The amount typically matches the value of the first wager when you use this Second Chance bet when betting in PA.

  • Choose the right Bonus

Most bookies have separate casino & sportsbook offers, so be careful making your selection, you don’t pick the wrong bonus by mistake!

  • Warning about wagering requirements

Be sure to read the terms of the bonus before depositing. PA Sportsbooks usually require bettors to wager over 2x the bonus amount in order to receive the bonus.

PA Sports betting promo codes

In addition to the PA sportsbooks bonuses, a very popular way to get the extra value from your PA sports betting is using unique sports betting promo codes.

The difference between bonuses and promo codes is that the bonuses are shown and easily found on the sportsbooks homepage. The promo codes, however, you will have to search for on your own on the internet.

A promo code is a special code that you use on a PA sportsbook to unlock betting offers, a unique welcome bonus or a special promotion, often when making a first deposit.

Which sportsbooks offer these kind of betting promo codes?

We have gathered all the PA sportsbooks that offer sports betting promo codes here at Today, some of the sportsbooks do not use promo codes, instead they use the same bonus alternatives for all new customers.

For already existing customers, most of the times the deals are not as good as for the new sign-ups.

How should you use betting promo codes?

There are some moments when you always should look for a promo code in online PA sports betting:

  • Signing up at new Pennsylvania sportsbook
  • Depositing money for the first time
  • Every time you deposit money

Most of you know that when signing up at a new PA sportsbook you should check if there is any promo code available. What some might not know is that its always an good idea to check for offers when depositing money on your sportsbook.

This is because sometimes PA sportsbooks want to encourage already existing players to deposit more money. So for example they can offer to double your deposit value for a certain period of time.

In addition, sometimes they offer unique promo codes for special events, like Stanley Cup or Super bowl.

Find the new Betting Site in PA

Now that you know everything about signing up at a PA sportsbook and how to use the Promo Codes, maybe you want to know about some new betting sites?

Here at BetPhilly we continuously follow the development in Pennsylvania and scan the market for new great offers from new betting sites.

The extra value provided by new betting sites is not to overlook. This is because the bonuses and offers from new actors at the market can really give you the extra “push” when building up your account balance.

Understanding PA Sports Betting Odds

What are Odds and how do they work?
Bookmakers with sports betting in Pennsylvania decide what odds to use based on how likely the bet is to win.

You can expect big payouts when betting on a successful underdog. On the flip side, betting on favorites will always payout less than the amount you risked.

How does sports betting odds work?

The most popular format in the US: American Odds
In the United States, the most common odds format is known as American odds. Also referred to as “money line” odds, these odds display the amount you’ll need to risk in order to win $100.

For underdogs, it displays the amount you’d win if you had wagered $100.

What does -110 mean in betting / -110 money line?

A -110 money line bet is saying that if you were to risk $110 and win your bet, you would profit $100. Sportsbooks generally use this odds line for games that don’t have a favorite.

Other Odds Formats

  • Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are the easiest to calculate your returns. In order to calculate your payout, simply multiply the stake by the decimal odds.

  • Fractional Odds

These odds appear as fractions and are meant to calculate your payout. In these circumstances, the denominator is your stake and the numerator is the payout.

Types of Betting Markets

Moneyline (ML)

The rules for moneyline bets are simple: If the team you wagered on wins their game, you win your bet! It’s also easy to see which side offers the best value.

Total Lines (Over/Under)

Over/Under totals only focus on the game’s final score, not the winning team.

Bookmakers set a number known as the “total” that represents their predicted combined final score. Betters can either bet on the final score being “over” or “under.” An odds line of -110 is common for these bets.

Handicap Spread

These bets, known as handicap spread or point spreads, represent how many points a team is projected to win by.

Let’s say the 76ers are -8.5 point favorites against the Celtics. Philadelphia would need to win by 9 points to cover the spread. If they fail to do so, then the Celtics would cover the spread.

Half-time Markets

Betting on a team to win the first half, rather than the entire game, can offer great value!

The Eagles are -450 on the moneyline this week, but if you wanted to bet on them just winning the first half, you could get them at -310. 

Prop Bets

Prop Betting is a fan favorite, these bets focus on particular events throughout the game.

Common examples include which team will score first, the first score method, the first offensive play of the game, etc. Depending on the type of prop bet, the odds will vary.

Payment & Withdrawal methods

Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card

Many bettors use a credit/debit card when making a deposit. The money transfer is super quick, and your funds should be available within a few minutes.

payment methods

To avoid dealing with anti-fraud protocol, you may want to contact your bank prior to making a deposit.

  • Cryptocurrency

An increasingly popular deposit method for sportsbooks is cryptocurrency. Making a transaction is easy, the fees are low, and your funds will be available within minutes.

Bookies also tend to offer better bonuses for deposits made with cryptocurrency!

  • E-Wallets 

Digital wallets, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer, are another common way for bettors to make deposits. These services save users time by bypassing having to deal with a bank.

These wallets also have the option to instantly transfer funds.

  • Bank Transfer

Despite wait times upwards of 5 days, most PA sportsbooks still offer wire transfers as a deposit method. Some bettors will use wire transfers for safety reasons. But with the other methods available, this option should be your last resort.

Methods of Withdrawal

When making a withdrawal, PA sportsbooks offer several different options to bettors. Depending on the bookmaker, some will have more options than others.

Some common examples found on most sportsbooks are:

  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Bank Wire
  • Person-to-Person
  • Physical Check.

What to think about regarding withdrawals

  • Betting/Wagering Requirements

When it comes to making withdrawals, there is a good bit of fine print involved. It’s always a good idea to read through the details to make sure you’re able to withdraw with ease later on.

For example, before receiving your bonus, most bookies ask bettors to risk at least double the amount of the bonus.

  • Withdrawal Limits

Withdrawal limits are very similar to wagering requirements. When making a withdrawal, bettors have time and amount limits to abide by. Always make sure you’re aware of these limits before making a deposit!

  • Time Limits

The time limit attached to withdrawals displays how often gamblers can take out their funds. Depending on the bookmaker, limits can range from once a week to once a month. Some bookies may not even have a limit.

  • Amount Limits

Like the time limits, sportsbooks also have amount limits for withdrawals. There may also be a fee, depending on which method you chose.

Sportsbooks generally ask for a minimum of $10 when making a withdrawal, with some maximum limits reaching $10,000.

  • Security Checks/KYC

In order to guarantee a minimum level of security, bookmakers utilize “Know Your Customer” also known as “KYC” policies. These policies aim to prevent illegalities, such as fraud and money laundering.

Top Sports Betting Events

NFL Super Bowl

At the beginning of every season in NFL a lot of players like to bet on which team that will be the final winner of Super Bowl that year.

During the first games of a season it can be hard to tell which team that are the strongest for the sportsbooks.

biggest sports betting events

This means that players with very good knowledge about a specific club probably have the best opportunity to bet on an extra good odds on who will win the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest betting-events in US and a lot of players want to bet on the game to make it more entertaining.

Especially if you not are a fan of any of the final teams, a bet can really make the game more exciting.

NBA Championship Finals

The NBA Finals is also one of the sports-events with most volume in the United States when it comes to betting. Teams like Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are often the favorites to advance to the NBA Championship final.

MLB World Series

In the Major League Baseball (MLB) the final playoffs are called World Series. To bet on World Series is very popular, even if the volume isn´t in parity with NBA finals or Super Bowl.

Almost every year teams like New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox are among the favorites to win the world series.

NHL Stanley Cup

If you are somewhat interested in Hockey and the NHL, we´re pretty sure you know what the Stanley Cup i. The biggest competiton in Hockey every year in North America (NA).

There is nothing bigger than the NHL and Stanley Cup in the world of Hockey. Even the winter olympics, which are played every fourth year, cant reach the same magnitude.

NCAAB March Madness

March Madness is, as you can hear, played in march every year. Competing teams currently consists of 68 college basketball teams. The teams are from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Usually following teams are fighting for the win in NCAAB March Madness:

  • Michigan State
  • Virginia
  • Texas Tech
  • Auburn

NFL Draft

A very special way of betting on sports is betting on the NFL draft. This isnt really like betting on a match or a seasonal winner. There is a totally different approach to bet on NFL draft compared to bet on a sports result for example.

You need to know more about every club and what approach they have to this years NFL draft. What are their strategy and how does other picks affect their gameplan.

Top Sports Teams in Pennsylvania


Philadelpia Eagles
The fans of NFL team Philadelphia Eagles are among the loudest in the country it is said. They are not only the loudest but also the most passionate following their favorite team.

When it comes to betting in Pennsylvania, there are certainly a big proportion that places bets on Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL.

The “birds” are usually fighting for the top spots in NCF East, which are their division.

Pittsburgh Steelers
The six time Super Bowl winners are a legendary team in the NFL league. With this, they are tied with New England Patriots, as the team with most Super Bowl wins in history.

Also, their official fanbase the “Steeler Nation” are one of the most dedicated fanbases in the football league.

The Pittsburgh Steelers belongs to the north division in the American Football Conference league. They are called the steelers because of their heritage as a steel mill city, and the name is to honor that history of the city.


Philadelphia 76ers
The 76ers, also know as the Sixers, are based in Philadelphia metropolitan area. They are member of the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division (ECAD).

The home for the club is the arena Wells Fargo Center where 20,318 fans can gather at the same time.

The club is started in the 1940s and with that they are one of the oldest teams in NBA. The Birds have an impressing history and have provided many players to the NBA Hall of Fame.


Philadelphia Flyers
The hockey team Philadelphia Flyers are a team with a lot of history in the NHL. They play in the Eastern Conference and also have their home court in Wells Fargo Center where around 19,500 fans can be seated at the same time.

All sites with PA sports betting certainly provides good alternatives to bet on the “Flyers” in the NHL.

The Flyers have been performing good for a very long time in the NHL and are one of the teams with best statistic results. For example they have the most appearances in conference finals and when it comes to playoff appearances they are also among the best teams.

Pittsburgh Penguins
One of the best NHL hockey teams recent years are definitively Pittsburgh Penguins. Some of the best players in NHL last decade have or are playing there.

Big names as SIdney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have been big reasons why the penguins have two Stanely Cup wins during the last ten years.

The team has a great history in the NHL with a total of 5 Stanley Cup wins. Also, one of the biggest legends in NHL history played for the club during an amazing 21 years, his name is Mario Lemieux.


Philadelphia Phillies
Contrary to the other PA teams mention, Philadelphia Phillies have not been getting any good results lately. Actually they haven’t made the playoffs since 2011. That is a long time without playoff spot for this historic team in MLB.

When it comes to the fans, Phillies fans are actually known as the meanest fans in America. Maybe not a very good review, but the fans are at least dedicated. And that´s whats important for the team in the end.

Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pittsburgh Pirates compete in the Major League Baseball attending the Central division in the National League. This legendary team established already in 1882 and are one of the oldest MLB teams active today.

They have won a total of five Worlds Series Championships were one of the most famous wins were in the 1960 world series. At that final game 7 the win was secured with the only home run in history that actually sealed the win.


Philadelphia Union
In the Major League Soccer (MLS) you can find Philadelphia Union. This professional soccer team are a member of the Eastern Conference. The team is founded in 2008, so not quite the history as the other teams in Pennsylvania.

The club home stadium is Subary Park with a capacity of 18,500. The results recently have been varying with a conference final, but also a few years ending at the first round in the playoffs.

Mobile Betting Apps

  • Benefits of Mobile Apps

PA Sportsbooks with mobile apps host many benefits for their users. Whenever an odds line changes, there’s no faster way to take advantage than with a mobile betting app.

The biggest advantage is of course that you have the betting possibility to place bets 24/7, whenever you are located, because you always have you smartphone with you.

mobile betting apps

The majority of sport bets are placed with smart phones these days, so it’s very important for the PA sportsbooks to have a great PA sports betting app for betting.

We rank the best mobile apps for PA online sports betting Here.

Don’t forget! Keep betting fun! Play responsibly

As fun as betting on sports can be, you must be careful to make sure it doesn’t become an addiction. You must have a strong sense of self-discipline to gamble responsibly.

  • Do you gamble too much? Here are the symptoms.
    • Gambling more often to chase your losses.
    • Wager even higher amounts to keep entertained.
    • Repeatedly failing at reducing how frequently you gamble
    • Lying to friends & family to hide your gambling.
    • Requesting money to help compensate for the funds you’ve lost.
    • Having to steal just so you can continue betting.

What help is available?
ncpgambling / (1-800-522-4700)
PACouncil / (1-800-GAMBLER)

What to do if you encounter any problems

  • Why is customer support important? 

Whenever you encounter an issue, it’s important to have reliable customer support on your side. A good support team should be able to respond and address your problem within 15 minutes.

  • Most used​ means: Email, Phone, Chat.

When contacting customer support, these are your best options. If you are looking to get in touch as soon as possible, phone and chat are the quickest methods.

For those who need to send attachments or want a record of their conversation, email is a great choice.

  • Other ways to reach for help:
  • FAQ –  If you have a basic question, the FAQ section covers all of the most frequently asked questions.
  • Social media – Another great place to look for help is social media. Most sportsbooks post and interact with bettors on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Mail – If all other methods are unable to get your question answered, you can mail a letter to your sportsbook as well.
  • Forums, Help Centers – Another resource for getting help is through forums and help centers. You’ll find detailed descriptions on many different topics and sports.

 You’re now good to go!

You are now prepared to begin wagering! We appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck in all of your PA sports betting endeavors.

If you are looking for any news about your local teams we recommend you to have a look at the Post-gazette sports section.

Thank you for reading our guide and choosing BetPhilly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, sports betting became legal in Pennsylvania in 2017. Mobile PA sports betting launched in May of 2019.

There are several online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania where you can legally place sports bets including:

  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • Bet Rivers
  • Borgata
  • Fox Bet
  • Unibet
  • Pointsbet

Online sports betting PA is now live. There are nearly a dozen legal sports betting sites and betting apps that allow you to place your bets online.

Yes, it's legal to make bets on DraftKings in PA since they launched in November 2019.
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