Super Bowl Odds & Fun

The Super Bowl is the biggest fixture in the NFL calendar and one every fan tunes in for.

Popular sporting events like this always attract betting activity and there are often great great Bonus Deals to claim.

Top sportsbooks will offer the latest Super Bowl odds from preseason to the day of the big game.

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The Importance of Super Bowl Odds

super bowl is important!

All those exciting bets are what we want to talk about in this guide. Our NFL betting team will outline the best Super Bowl bets and the best prop bets for the Super Bowl.

As well as everything to do with betting on the Super Bowl at the top-rated PA sportsbooks. So, let’s get to it and explain how we can improve your NFL betting strategy.

It doesn’t take much to see why Super Bowl odds are so popular and important to punters everywhere. You have two main ideas to consider when betting on the Super Bowl:

  • You can find big returns if you bet on Super Bowl odds early on in the season or even throughout the early stages of the season. Odds on Super Bowl bets tend to shorten as the best teams start to appear through consistent winning performances.
  • You can think about claiming special promotions and NFL bonuses as it gets closer to the event. There will always be huge offers in the lead-up and on the day. So be on the lookout for the latest Super Bowl odds and all the fun Super Bowl prop bets.

You don’t need to search far to find all the best Super Bowl bets and the latest odds. The top PA Betting Sites recommended by the BetPhilly team will hold all types of bets and markets for the famous NFL event.

Let’s take a look at the popular Super Bowl bets that you should be considering throughout the season and on the day of the event.

Best Prop Bets Super Bowl Offers

best props!

It’s best that you put some time aside when looking at prop betting on the Super Bowl. Why? Believe us when we say this, there are a lot out there!

You can find many common prop bets across teams and players. But there is also a list of funny and light-hearted prop bets to enjoy. 

Betting is meant to be entertaining, and it doesn’t get much more entertaining than when “The Big Game” comes around each year. Here are some of the best prop bets Super Bowl games offer.

Player Props 

All NFL games provide NFL player prop odds, but these markets are huge for a big event like the Super Bowl.

They offer several possibilities to speculate on the performance of nearly every player on the field. Here are some examples based on individual players:

  • Player to score the first touchdown (or multiple touchdowns)
  • Player to pass over/under (yards, attempts, interceptions)
  • RBs rushing over/under (yards, attempts, touchdowns)
  • Kicking player (total points scored and over/under)
  • Defensive player (tackles, interceptions, sacks)

Team Props

In PA sports betting, “team props” refer to wagers placed on the outcome of a game involving only one team. These might be helpful if you are confident in one team’s performance in the match but not so sure about the other.

Over/under markets are often used for these bets, with some of the more popular super bowl odds based on the following:

  • Team Point Total Over/Under
  • Team First Penalty
  • First Team Scorer
  • First Team Scorer to Win the Super Bowl
  • Team to Score Last

Super Bowl MVP Props

Betting on the Super Bowl MVP props is one that many people go for. It’s simple, and you will likely find plenty of promotions around it. One tip from the BetPhilly team would be not to look too far outside the QuarterBacks.

Although the Super Bowl odds may be tempting for some team players, more often than not, the MVP is one of the QBs.

Fun Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is the culmination of the entire NFL season, coming down to two teams. It’s serious business, but some alternative and fun Super Bowl prop bets are out there to make things a little more light-hearted.

All of these may not be available in every sportsbook. But they are great to consider alongside any other game-related bets that you have placed.

National Anthem

the flag of the usa

The Super Bowl national anthem prop is available for wagering well before the first kickoff. The length of time it takes to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” is the most common aspect of the national anthem.

You can wager on whether or not the performer will go over or under the posted Over/Under time for the duration of the national anthem at your local PA sportsbook. 

Coin Toss

Most sportsbooks will include odds on the outcome of the prop bets Super Bowl coin toss since it is such a popular option.

The most basic kind of betting on a coin flip is choosing between “Heads” and “Tails.” For this prop bet, a coin flip has an equal probability of landing on either side, so there’s not much room for error in terms of handicapping or homework.

Halftime Show

Prop bets can still be considered even when the players are taking a break. Over the years, sportsbooks have had some fun with the featured artists during the Super Bowl halftime show, spawning a vast menu of fun props.

Famous names are always in the loop to perform, and these bets are available early in the season as people try to predict who will take to the stage.

Other Alternative Fun Props

The creativity of online oddsmakers is the only limit to the randomness of the prop bets Super Bowl games have to offer.

Over the past decade, these quirky and fun-loving bets have expanded, covering everything from the most memorable Super Bowl ads to the order of thanks from the MVP winner. Let’s take a close look at some of the top bets:

  • What color will the Gatorade bath be?
  • Will the Super Bowl point spread be announced by the commentators?
  • The brand that secured the first commercial?
  • The order of “thanks” from the Super Bowl MVP – fans, family, team?

Super Bowl Parlay Bets

In the traditional meaning, a NFL parlay is a bet in which you combine many selections from various games into a single wager; all selections must succeed for the bet to win.

The enhanced chances of a parlay are its most appealing feature. By combining the odds of your picks, you can win big from a small stake, but greater odds also mean increased risk. 

  • A Super Bowl Parlay is different since there is only one game involved.

Fun is one of the key motives for placing a wager on a Super Bowl Parlay. Same Game Parlays are sometimes referred to as One Game Parlays or Single Game Parlays, but there is one significant advantage when you step back and think about this type of bet.

  • Being able to link your parlay selections is a huge benefit of Super Bowl parlays. By that, we are talking about betting on results that will probably have an impact on one another. 

For example, if you’re banking on a QB to pass more than 250 yards, you may as well back the team to win and the best receiver to score a touchdown, too.

The team is usually in great shape to win if the quarterback performs well, and his best receivers will benefit because of that as well.

Best Super Bowl Bets

It’s not hard to see that betting on the Super Bowl is one of the best parts of the NFL season. From future bets with huge odds to props and same-day parlays, there is something for all types of bettors to enjoy.

We suggest you keep connected to your sportsbooks by signing up for newsletters and following the latest social media posts for any special Super Bowl offers.

Best Prop Bets for Super Bowl Deals

Your betting strategy is likely different from the next person’s strategy, but one thing that most people will agree on is that prop bets are a big part of betting on the NFL.

There is so much depth to the betting market, with players, teams, and all those fun alternative props as well.

The best prop bets for Super Bowl gameday will depend on your thinking and how you see the game playing out. Here are what all your options come down to:

  • Player props are exciting as you follow the performance of one player or a group of players from one team.
  • Or perhaps you might try the team props betting and back your favored team to perform in certain areas of the pitch.
  • You then have Super Bowl parlay bets that ramp up potential winnings with boosted Super Bowl odds. 
  • Lastly, and if you are looking to bring some fun and laughs into the day, those alternative fun Super Bowl prop bets are perfect. 

The Super Bowl will always deliver two things. One, an excellent day of football and all-action sports entertainment. Two, a huge world of betting opportunities to make the day more exciting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Player and team props are always entertaining. Look for the future Super Bowl odds on the winner if you want to find the biggest odds.

Too many to list here! They range from player props like “player to score first touchdown” to team props such as “team to score the first touchdown.” Check your sportsbook for the full list.

Yes, these parlay bets bring you huge odds from small stake amounts. Take advantage of the fact the bet is based on one game, and pick your selections wisely.

We would say it depends on the different Super Bowl promotions offered. On one event it's not that important how user-friendly etc the site is.

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