Bet on the Top NBA Teams

The NBA is one of four American sports popular in betting. It requires strategic offensive and defensive planning, much like gambling on the top NBA teams to win the season. It helps to have a specific set of rules to maintain a winning record with NBA sports betting.

How do you know which are the best teams to bet on in Pennsylvania? If you’re new to the sport, then looking at all the teams and frameworks may confuse you. Fortunately, we provide the latest information on NBA teams and how to bet on them in PA.

Top Sites for Betting on Teams in Pennsylvania 

As many punters know, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act prevented bookies from creating sportsbooks in the United States, including PA. In 2018, the US Supreme Court ruling voided this regulation, which allows US bookies to host NBA betting. It isn’t illegal to do so.

Yet, it may be hard finding these NBA operators. Furthermore, some of them only provide promotions in particular states that don’t include PA. That’s why we’re going to discuss the top betting sites for betting on the NBA in Pennsylvania.

Fox Bet is a new online sportsbook available to punters in Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. While it offers a massive welcome bonus, it also offers NBA betting for all the top teams. What makes the bookie exciting is that it provides insight and betting tips from the best Fox Sports analysts.

Unibet provides online and iPhone options for NBA betting. However, the best feature is that it specifically offers free bets and deposit bonuses for PA punters. It’s one of the top-ranking sportsbooks within the Keystone State.

If you’re looking for a bookie that offers a loyalty program, then try SugarHouse’s iRush program. The loyalty system provides premier rewards only for PA gamblers. Moreover, it has a blog where it provides the latest news on NBA games and results. 

The final PA sportsbook we recommend is BetRivers. It also participates in the iRush reward system, which means that you can redeem your Bonus Store Points here. Finally, it has an Android app to access all the NBA pre-match and in-play markets on your mobile device.

Local Pennsylvania Teams

Pennsylvania has only one NBA team on the roster. The Philadelphia 76ers have been in PA since 1963 when they relocated from New York. While this team is the only one currently in PA, there have been a few others over time.

The Philadelphia Warriors were in PA between 1946 to 1962. After they moved to San Francisco, they became the Golden State Warriors. Since then, the Philadelphia 76ers have called PA their basketball home.

There have been PA basketball teams in other leagues too, such as:

  • Pittsburgh Ironmen (Basketball Association of America)
  • Pittsburgh Condors (American Basketball Association)
  • Steel City Yellow Jackets (American Basketball Association)
  • Erie BayHawks (NBA G League)
  • Harrisburg Horizon (Eastern Basketball Alliance)
  • Harrisburg Lady Horizon (Women’s Eastern Basketball Alliance)

The 76ers may only have entered PA in 1963, but its history with the NBA goes further back. The team formed in 1946 as the Syracuse Nationals. They are one of eight teams from the original NBA teams, making them one of the oldest NBA teams still around. 

Current NBA Teams and Conference Structure 

The NBA is split into two main Conference Teams: Eastern and Western. Each category holds three divisions based on location. Here are the NBA team structures.

NBA Eastern Conference Teams                                             

Atlantic DivisionCentral DivisionSoutheast Division
Boston CelticsChicago BullsAtlanta Hawks
Brooklyn NetsCleveland CavaliersCharlotte Hornets
New York KnicksDetroit PistonsMiami Heat
Philadelphia 76ersIndiana PacersOrlando Magic
Toronto RaptorsMilwaukee BucksWashington Wizards

NBA Western Conference Teams

Pacific DivisionSouthwest DivisionNorthwest Division
Golden State WarriorsDallas MavericksDenver Nuggets
Los Angeles ClippersHouston RocketsMinnesota Timberwolves
Los Angeles LakersMemphis GrizzliesOklahoma City Thunder
Phoenix SunsNew Orleans PelicansPortland Trailblazers
Sacramento KingsSan Antonio SpursUtah Jazz

Bet on the Playoffs: Where the Best Teams Meet

The playoffs consist of the top eight teams from each NBA conference. Teams rank according to win-loss records through the regular season. This process is called seeding, where the team with the best season record is the number 1 seed.

The playoffs play out in a traditional bracket format. In other words, the winner of one series will play against the winner of another series. Teams will play against each other in a best-of-seven format, which eliminates the losing team from the bracket.

Playoff Brackets 

Here is an example of what the playoff brackets look like:

Quarter-FinalsRound 11 vs 8,2 vs 7,3 vs 6, 4 vs 5
Semi-FinalsRound 21–8 vs 4–5 winners  2–7 vs 3–6 winners
Conference FinalsRound 3Semi-Final Winners
NBA FinalsRound 4Conference Winners

Playoff Game Location Framework 

There is also a location framework for the playoffs:

Location 12 GamesHome Advantage Team
Location 22 Games 
Location 11 Game (if necessary)Home Advantage Team
Location 21 Game (if necessary) 
Location 11 Game (if necessary)Home Advantage Team

 Wildcards & Byes 

The term ‘Wildcards’ referred to teams in each conference that didn’t qualify in their divisions for the playoffs normally, but this hasn’t been in use since the 2015-2016 season. 

Bye weeks, while in use in the NFL, don’t have utility in the NBA post-season. Instead, the reward for a #1 seed is getting favorable, winnable matchups in the first couple weeks of the playoffs.

NBA Team Performance  

It’s easier to bet on top NBA teams when you look at team performance. Historical statistics are a good indication of patterns and expectations, where you can see what might unfold in an upcoming season. It’s a decent betting strategy for any NBA team you want to bet on in PA.

We’re going to look at the 76ers performance in the NBA, followed by the legacy of the top NBA teams.

Pennsylvania team legacy and past performance 

The 76ers have a long history of winning a few NBA seasons. As the Syracuse Nationals, the first Eastern Division victories came in 1950, 1952, and 1955. While they lost the NBA finals in the first two games, they snatched the NBA Championship in 1955.

After they became the 76ers in 1963, the first divisional win came with the 1965-1966 season. This fantastic victory preceded more division wins for over the next two seasons. They lost two NBA finals again but won the NBA cup in 1967.

The Sixers saw a lousy run from 1971 to 1976, ranging between fourth and eight places in the East Conference. Their performance picked up after that with some first and third place division results. With three more NBA Finals losses, the team wouldn’t win the NBA cup again until the 1982-83 season. 

Team performance dropped again, with the worst result of 15th in the 1995-96 season. Where the Sixers had participated in numerous playoffs in their NBA history, they went seven seasons without qualifying for playoff games. 

The closest the Sixers came to snatching the championship again was in 2001. However, they lost in the finals. In the last two seasons, they finished third, while currently standing 6th in the East Conference.

Best teams in the NBA and past performance 

Every season, the NBA posts power rankings for the best teams. It’s based on past performance in previous seasons before the current season begins. During the season, the NBA updates the rankings to show whether teams improved or dropped in performance.

The Milwaukee Bucks have the highest power ranking at the moment, with a record score of 53-12. They have Giannis Antetokounmpo in the starting lineup, who won the MVP award this season. He has the highest rating in his team, coming in at 95.

The Bucks will want to repeat their East Conference win from last season. With 60 wins and 22 losses, they finished with a final win percentage of .732.  They made it to the finals, where the Raptors beat them to go on to the NBA Finals.

Second in the power rankings are the Los Angeles Lakers. Their record score is 49-14, with a winning percentage of .778. Their top players are LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Next up is the 2018-2019 NBA champions, the Toronto Raptors. They have the third-highest power ranking with a record score of 46-18. They have sound defensive and offensive ratings, with Pascal Siakam as their best player.

While the Raptors finished 1st in their division and won the championship, they finished 2nd in the Eastern Conference below the Bucks. They had a high win percentage of .707, with 58 wins and 24 losses. On 14 June 2019, they beat the Warriors in the finals with a score of 4-2.

Notable team rivalries in the NBA 

Many gamblers define the NBA by the top rivalries in its history. They use these stats when preparing pre-match bets for the same rivalries. While things can change, it provides an idea of the possible game patterns that teams could repeat.

The Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls have rivalries that go back as far as the 1980s and 1990s. In the 1988-1989 season, Michael Jordan was the key player for the Bulls. The Pistons used this to their advantage by fouling Jordan as much as possible.

An older rivalry dates back to 1965 two years after the 76ers formed. They faced the Boston Celtics in the playoffs of the Eastern Conference. With the Celtics leading by 110-109 in the last few seconds, the Sixers had one last shot with the ball in hand. John Havlicek stole it back, and the Celtics won the NBA championship after that.

This rivalry would continue for decades to come. After 1977, they faced off in the NBA five times within nine seasons. While the Celtics had beaten them several times in the past, the Sixers won three of the five matchups.

These are just a few examples of NBA rivalries. Here are a few more instances:

1959Celtics vs Knicks
196576ers vs Celtics
1970Knicks vs Bullets
1984Celtics vs Knicks
1985Celtics vs Knicks
1989Pistons vs Bulls
1994Knicks vs Bulls
2008Celtics vs Knicks
2010Celtics vs Knicks

Notable NBA players in Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania has been home to some of the best NBA players of all time. Some of them hold Hall of Fame titles, while fans refer to others as superstars. We’re going to take a look at some of the most notable NBA players to hail from PA.

The late Kobe Bryant inherited his love for basketball from his father Joe Bryant, who was also an NBA player. He started playing in Lower Merion High School, where they recognized him as one of PA’s top players. He joined the NBA in 1996 with the Hornets, and then transferred to the Lakers.

Wilt Chamberlain is another player who was born in PA. He was such an exceptional player, earning numerous awards in different categories. One of the NBA teams he played for was the 76ers. He was listed as the 9th ‘Top NBA Player Of All Time’ and the 9th ‘Best Athlete Of All Time.’

T. J. McConnell also played for the Sixers, with an award for the 36th ‘Best Philadelphia 76er Of All Time.’ He earned all-state honors in high school. In 2019, he transferred to the Indian Pacers.

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